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Jumpstart Your Spring With These 5 Stylish Mantle Ideas

March 6, 2014

Winter snow is slowly beginning to ease, but for many flower and greenery enthusiasts, spring simply isn’t coming quickly enough. While it may still be gloomy outside, you can give yourself an early spring preview indoors by decorating your mantle with beautiful, colorful orchids. Today’s post provides you with a few ideas to get started.

From Your Heart to Your Mantle

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a winter holiday, but who doesn’t want to re-live the romance and charm of Valentine’s Day year round? Pairing pink and white orchids with photos of you and your special someone is an understated, yet beautiful way to pay homage to your relationship. For a more elaborate display of your love, consider layering numerous photo frames above the mantle with the orchids and candles below.

Showcase the Story of Spring

How better to think spring than to decorate your mantle with props sure to bring spring to mind? This mantle, for example, tells the story of spring in its presentation. The plastic eggs and baby chick figurine are symbols of Easter, whereas the green apple, white orchid and flowers symbolize new life. The delicate white flowers resting in the wicker basket are a nice contrast of dark and light colors, and the moss accent over the mirror is a bold and colorful reminder of the green grass and leaves that will soon make their appearance.

Layer Colors of Spring

What’s more spring-like than the color green? Even if the green grass and shrubbery is hidden outside, you can showcase the color on your mantle like this example. The touches of birdcages, moss accents and shabby chic window frames also give this mantle a rustic, but simple feel. You can adorn your mantle with an orchid (or two) in place of one of the plants, sub out the window frame for an orchid painting or press an orchid into paper to preserve its beauty.

Minimally Elegant Springtime

Sometimes less is more, as this last mantle illustrates. The contrast of the crisp white against the dark and earthy tones of the wood and iron are simply gorgeous. The background mirror adds a fanciful touch, as well. You can introduce a more spring flair into this ensemble by replacing the white flowers shown with two-toned Phalaenopsis orchids. Add even more interest to the display by using a combination of full-size orchids and orchid minis!

You can add more personal touches to your orchids with decorative planters. See our video for more!

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