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Just Add Ice Orchids: The “No-Fuss” Gift For the Green-Thumb Challenged

December 20, 2013

orchid-giftDo you know someone that loves plants, but always manages to unsuccessfully care for them? No matter how hard they try, plants just seem to always die in their presence.

Orchids can help even the most green thumb challenged person to look like a pro. They’re strong and don’t require a lot of care. Below are four reasons why orchids are the perfect gift for friends and family members who don’t possess that “green-thumb” quality.

Simple Care with Ice Cube Watering Method

Just Add Ice Orchids only require three ice cubes for watering per week, that’s it! We even offer free weekly email watering reminders to keep you on track, and desktop calendars that allow you to choose your watering day.

Orchid Living Conditions are Similar to Yours

Phalaenopsis orchids are tropical and do exceptionally well in an environment that is 65-80 degrees, with 55-75% humidity. In the event of a dry climate or indoor heat, consider using a humidifier to keep the correct balance of moisture in the air.

Indirect Sunlight Allows for More Freedom

Orchids love lots of bright, indirect light. Many plants require being placed directly next to a window, but orchids allow for more freedom. Place the orchid in your kitchen for a pop of color, or on top of a bookcase for some added flair.

Ongoing Maintenance is Minimal

Orchids only need repotting once a year or every two years. Repotting improves roots drainage and replenishes the plant with essential nutrients that are lost when the orchid medium breaks down or decomposes. The best time to repot an orchid is after it is finished blooming.

Orchids are the perfect low maintenance gift for those who love plants but just can’t keep them alive. Surprise the plant lover in your life with a Just Add Ice Orchid this holiday season, and throughout the year! And if you want to make your gift even more special, consider adding a personal touch to the plant. Check out our “5 Ways to Personalize Your Orchid” guide for fun, crafty tips!

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