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4 Natural Ways to Insect and Fungus Proof your Orchids

December 16, 2013

cinnamon-pest-controlInsects and fungus can do more than just make your skin crawl, they’re two very dangerous orchid predators and if not contained, both can spread like wildfire. But your plant doesn’t have to suffer, there are solutions available on the market, but many of them are riddled with noxious chemicals that you and your family can inhale. Today, we present 4 natural ways to kill bugs and fungus in their tracks and to keep your orchids thriving.

1) Neem Oil: Westerners have recently started using neem, but this tree has been a staple in India for quite some time. Renowned for its antifungal and astringent capabilities, neem oil the perfect natural insect repellent. It’s light, non-toxic, and protects your orchids from critters like spider mites and aphids.

2) Cinnamon: This popular spice does more than just jazz up your apples and sweet potatoes, its oil has been scientifically proven to inhibit bacteria and fungi growth. As an added bonus, its aromatic scent will also keep your pets from nibbling on your orchids.

3) Pyrethrum: This insecticide is actually derived from Chrysanthemum flowers. Don’t let its origin fool you; this ingredient packs quite the punch against pests. When sprayed on insects pyrethrum shuts down their central nervous systems on contact. It poses a very low toxic risk for humans and pets and breaks down quickly, leaving no traces after several hours.

4) Eucalyptus Oil: A native of “The Land Down Under,” this environmentally safe natural pesticide and insecticide is used to combat a wide spectrum of threats ranging from fungi to mites and other insects.

Your orchids are not at the mercy of insects and fungi; you can fight back with natural solutions that will protect your plant from harm and keep your family and pets free from chemicals. If you think your orchid is suffering from pests, visit our Frequently Asked Question section for more helpful information.