Looking for Decor Inspiration This Winter? Orchids Have You Covered

Looking for Decor Inspiration This Winter? Orchids Have You Covered

Even if you’re still resisting taking down the last of your holiday décor, it’s safe to say the season of twinkling lights and festive wreaths is over. However, before you mourn how empty your home looks without stockings hanging from the mantle, we have a few ideas for combating the drab feel of winter.

You guessed it: strategically decorating with orchids throughout your home can make even the coldest and cloudiest winter months feel closer to spring. Try one of these four decorating ideas and you’ll hear birds chirping outside again before you know it.

1. Create a Focal Point

If you can’t seem to get over how bare your mantle looks without those stockings, try giving your living room a new focal point. Position an orchid on one end to give some height to your other decorations or create an entire new display with an orchid as the centerpiece. Thanks to the variety in sizes and colors, you’ll have no trouble finding a plant that complements any room.

2. Color Coordinate

Speaking of the variety of orchid colors available, try using a new plant to make a room “pop” by tying it in with some of your other pieces. For instance, if the pillows on your couch have hints of yellow you want to bring out, try positioning a yellow-flowered orchid on a nearby side table. By matching your orchid to other accents in the room, you can enhance the overall visual appeal.

3. Brighten Up Bathrooms

Let’s face it: the bathroom will probably never be the prettiest room in your home. However, that shouldn’t mean it doesn’t deserve at least a little TLC. Simply placing a colorful orchid on a shelf or windowsill will make any bathroom instantly seem lighter and brighter.

4. Enhance Guest Spaces

It’s not always easy to make your guest room feel cozy, especially since it doesn’t get used as much as the rest of your home. Adding an orchid to the décor – perhaps one that creates a focal point and color coordinates with the bedspread—is a great way to make the room feel more inviting and give your winter guests a taste of spring. Just make sure to set your watering reminders since your guest room probably isn’t a room you go into every day!

Don’t let the winter blues get you down. It might be chilly outside, but the inside of your home can still remind you of a tropical oasis with the addition of a colorful and flourishing plant.

Curious about how to care for your orchid during the winter months? Download our free guide here.

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