Need A Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift? Try A Money Tree Plant

Need A Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift? Try A Money Tree Plant

How can you show your appreciation for the father in your life who means everything yet insists he wants nothing?

Whether it’s your husband, dad, grandpa or someone who’s like a father to you, men can be tough to shop for at times. If you’re tired of socks and ties and want to give something a little more original (yet simple), we’ve got you covered. 

Here are a few reasons why a money tree plant makes a great Father’s Day gift.

It’s a Sign of Good Fortune

As its name implies, the money tree is rumored to bring good luck and wealth. According to legend, a poor farmer discovered the tree in a field and saved its seeds to grow more of this unique-looking plant, which brought him great wealth. 

Money trees are less common than other traditional houseplants, so finding one is a stroke of luck.

It’s Long Lasting

A box of his favorite snacks won’t be around for long, but a money tree will thrive for years, with proper care.

It’s Low Maintenance

Speaking of care, there isn’t much Dad has to do since the money tree is one of the easiest plants to maintain. A 5-inch money tree needs just two ice cubes or 3 tablespoons of water once a week.

With minimal pruning and repotting once every two to three years, it’s guaranteed to thrive.

Show the father figure in your life you care by getting him a gift that will last— and hopefully bring him good luck! Buy a money tree plant online today.