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Share Your Favorite Orchid Moments With Us!

May 10, 2018


There are moments in life that can't be expressed with words. The first kiss after "I do." The moment you see your mother holding her first grandchild. The day your best friend got the call that changed her life forever.

At JustAddIce, we've seen story after story of people showing love and support in these moments with an orchid. You've posted hundreds of reviews on our Facebook page, shared photos of your favorite plants on Instagram, and pinned countless DIY orchid projects on our Pinterest page.

We've compiled some of our favorite stories about your memorable orchid moments into a new, interactive page we're excited to share.

What Are Orchid Moments?

Our Orchid Moments page highlights your short stories about giving or receiving an orchid for a special occasion, whether it was Mother's Day, an anniversary, or to show support through a rough patch. 

How Can You Participate? 

It's easy! First, check out our Orchid Moments page to explore the stories we've collected. 

Next, share your own orchid moments with us on Facebook or Twitter using #OrchidMoments. Each month, we'll feature new stories on the Orchid Moments page as well as on our own social media channels. 

The orchid moments we're most likely to share are fewer than 100 words, centered around a specific occasion, and have an emotional story that tugs at our hearts. We want to hear not only why your orchid moment happened, but how it made you feel. 

It's our privilege to be part of your orchid moments, and we look forward to hearing them!