Back to School: Top 6 Reasons to Buy an Orchid for the Dorm

Back to School: Top 6 Reasons to Buy an Orchid for the Dorm

orchid-in-dormSending your child off to college can feel like one long list of items to purchase. Between bedding, school supplies and everything necessary to outfit his or her new dorm room, flowers might seem like the last thing you should be bothering with. However, you do not want to exclude an orchid from your list. Giving your college-bound kid an orchid for his or her dorm room can be more than a pretty decoration.

Here are our top six reasons why you should buy an orchid for the dorm room. 

1. Orchids are simple to care for

Even the most distracted college students can probably remember to add three ice cubes to their orchids once a week. By giving them a plant with simple care, you can teach them how to care for another living thing—without setting them up for failure. You can even sign them up for free watering reminders to make caring for their orchids even more foolproof.

2. An orchid can remind them of home

Many college students suffer from homesickness, so having an orchid that reminds them of their homes can help ease their transition. Just seeing their plants in their rooms can be a source of comfort, and it’ll give you one more thing to ask about when you call to check in.

3. Orchids are a good substitute for pets

You don’t want your college student to return home from the summer with a hamster or some other pet their roommate talked them into getting. Instead, having an orchid can quell their desire to take care of something without the added annoyance of a cage to clean.

4. Plants improve air quality

Dorm rooms are often stuffy and small, so decorating with orchids can be a great way to improve the air quality. Plants help remove toxins from the air and release fresh oxygen, making your college student’s dorm room a happier and healthier place to be.

5. Orchids can help reduce drowsiness

College is exhausting. Students need all the help they can get to stay awake and study. Rather than have your child turn into a caffeine zombie, let an orchid do some of the work. Breathing in excess carbon dioxide can contribute to drowsiness, but orchids remove carbon dioxide from the air during the photosynthesis process.

6. Orchids are a great conversation starter

Making new friends as a new college student can be difficult. Having an orchid in a dorm room can be a great conversation starter. Who knows—your college student might even meet a fellow orchid enthusiast!

Making the transition to living in a dorm can be intimidating. It’s often easier to settle into a new place when you can use personal touches to make it your own. Buying an orchid can help ease the transition and make your college student’s new space feel more like home.

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