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Orchid Themed Gifts for the Holidays and Beyond

November 30, 2023

Orchids are popular gifts, especially during the holidays. Stunningly beautiful, yet easy to care for, orchids make an impression! And because our Phalaenopsis orchids have a long blooming period of at least three months, your giftee will continue to enjoy your gift long after other gifts have lost their appeal. 

Make your orchid gift even more special with these orchid-themed gift ideas!

Orchid Gifts for the Holidays

Conveniently available in the floral section of many grocery and discount stores, Just Add Ice Orchids are easy to find and can be picked up at a moment’s notice. 

If you’re traveling over the holidays, you can wait until you arrive at your destination and pick up a pot of orchids en route to your hostess’ home. No juggling gifts through airport scanners or trying to keep gifts from bouncing around the car. 

Flying? No problem! You can order your orchid online and have it shipped directly to your destination. This year’s holiday collection is sure to make your gift special!

Orchid Gifts for the Party Host

Houseplants make great gifts for hosts, especially orchids! They add elegance and a pop of color, making any celebration even brighter!

Reminiscent of snow, white orchids are a great gift for winter holiday parties, but there are many other beautiful colors to choose from as well!

The best thing about giving Just Add Ice Orchids as a hostess gift is the look of surprise and delight you’ll see on your host’s face when you hand them a pot of beautiful Just Add Ice Orchids.

Hosting a party? Mini red and white orchids are wonderful decorations. Many hosts will even give them away as party favors.

Orchid-Themed Gifts for Orchid Lovers

Interested in a craft project? In addition to giving orchids as gifts, consider decorating your packages with paper orchids you made yourself! 

Want a little something to add to your orchid gift? How about a hand-blown orchid ornament, orchid journal or orchid-shaped chocolates? 

For the practical orchid lover, an orchid repotting kit may just be the perfect gift!

Other Considerations for Orchid Themed Gifts

Because Just Add Ice Orchids are watered only once a week, it’s easy for new owners to forget when to water their orchid. Orchid owners can sign up to receive watering reminders in the form of a monthly desktop calendar that highlights their watering days.

Your giftee should also sign up for our weekly orchid care blog, which will provide them with care tips for all of our houseplants, decorating ideas and other fun content!

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