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Gift Ideas for the Holiday Hostess

November 9, 2023

If you’re planning on traveling to someone else’s home for a holiday gathering, you may already be stressing about gift ideas for the hostess. Even when meals are a collaborative effort, arriving with a small gift shows your host or hostess that you appreciate them opening up their home to you. 

A go-to standard for hosting gifts is a bouquet of flowers. While cut and arranged flowers are certainly nice, they don’t offer the same advantages as giving an orchid or other live houseplant. This holiday season, surprise your these holiday-themed indoor plant gift ideas for your host or hostess.

Why Indoor Plants Make Great Hostess Gifts

While we can fill pages with reasons you should gift indoor plants this holiday season, here are the most important ones along with some specific hostess gift ideas to help make the holidays even more special.

1. They’ll last through the holidays and beyond.

Flower bouquets make a beautiful presentation, but they might not even outlast your leftovers. The anthurium, on the other hand, is the world's longest-blooming houseplant! 

With its red and green colors, this plant is the perfect Christmas decoration. When Valentine's Day rolls around, your host will enjoy those heart-shaped leaves and will certainly appreciate your thoughtful gift all over again!

2. No vase required.

Preparing a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal already comes with enough chaos. Don’t add searching for a vase to your host’s to-do list!

Just Add Ice houseplants are fully equipped with an inner plastic container, decorative pot and potting medium. Encourage them to subscribe to our blog to get helpful emails and posts about plant care.

3. They add a unique flair to existing decor.

Just Add Ice orchids come in several different colors, including burnt oranges and deep reds that are sure to complement any existing fall decor.

For winter holidays, red bromeliads, poinsettias, icy blue orchids and snow-white orchids are among the stunning plants in our holiday collection, which also features themed pots, cute holiday picks, baubles, pine cones, and more. No matter where your host places their gift, it's sure to fit with the existing holiday decor.

4. They require simple care.

The last thing you want is to give your host a gift that adds to their already busy schedule. Thanks to a simple watering plan and low-maintenance care, you won’t have to worry about giving your host more than they can handle.

Want another great hostess gift idea for those who need simplicity? Add an orchid repotting kit!

5. They add a little something special.

Orchids are a far cry from your standard grocery store carnations. Their delicate and unique appearance will make your host feel extra special — especially if they’ve never received an orchid before.

Money trees add a nice touch to home offices as well as corporate settings, so consider this gift for the practical or business-minded host. Legend has it they bring luck and prosperity!

6. They can be personalized.

Let your host know you were thinking of them specifically when you chose to give them an orchid or other Just Add Ice houseplant. Personalize the pot by painting in their favorite colors or adding a sweet holiday message.

Giving a live plant to your host or hostess is a great way to show your gratitude and get the holiday meal started off on a happy note. We bet you can think of even more reasons why orchids and other indoor plants make an excellent hostess gift. Share your ideas in the comments below! 

Shop the Holiday Collection for more great gift ideas for your host. In addition to our usual offerings, we've added some special holiday plants to the collection. 

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