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Orchids Make the Perfect Gift for These Overlooked March Holidays

March 12, 2015

When it comes to gifting orchids during the month of March, there are many holiday options than just St. Patrick’s Day.

Celebrate the arrival of spring by giving an orchid to friend or family member. After all, March is a time when warmer temperatures (allegedly) begin to arrive.

In addition to spring and St. Patrick’s Day, here are some often overlooked March holidays you could celebrate with orchids.

March 12 - Plant a Flower Day:

This day is dedicated to celebrating the arrival of spring. If you enjoy gardening, this is also a day to begin the new gardening season. To mark the occasion, flowers can be planted indoors or outdoors. If it’s time to repot your orchid, this would make a festive day to do so.

March 18 - National Agriculture Day:

National Ag Day is a day to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture. Its goal is to educate Americans on how food and fiber products are produced, how agriculture helps maintain a strong economy and how agriculture plays a role in providing safe, abundant and affordable products. Celebrate by learning about your orchid’s role in agriculture.

March 30 - National Doctor’s Day:

Much like a trip to the dentist, a trip to the doctor isn’t something most people enjoy. But like dentists, doctors play an important role in keeping us healthy. Give your doctor an orchid as a thank you.

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