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9 Things Every 'Plant Parent' Can Relate To

March 7, 2019

Are you a plant parent? Do you take great pride in cultivating an indoor oasis or urban jungle?

If so, you're in good company. The "plant parent" trend has taken off in recent years, especially among Millennials. Many live in small spaces or apartments that lack an outside garden space. Plant parents may not be ready for the commitment of raising children or even pets just yet, but they want to feel connected to the outdoors and experience the satisfaction of nurturing living things. 

If you’re a proud plant parent, here are nine things you can relate to.

1. Your Instagram feed is flooded with plant pictures.

Naturally, if you’re a plant parent, you follow multiple plant lover accounts on Instagram, giving you the latest plant trends and care tips. Before you know it, your feed is consumed with greenery and urban jungles.


2. Your bookshelves are filled with plants instead of books.

While other people have their bookshelves stocked with the latest bestsellers, your shelves are lined with an assortment of plants. (Why keep dusty paperbacks when you can have air-purifying plants instead?)plants-on-shelf

3. Your monthly budget includes funds for new plants.

Wi-Fi? Check. Utilities? Check. Rent? Check. New plants? Check.

Each month while you plan your expenses, you set aside some of your hard-earned cash to buy a few new varieties. Your friends might treat themselves to manicures or new video games, but you'd rather splurge on something that lasts longer. 

4. New seasons mean new flowerpots.

A new season means it's time to buy colorful new flowerpots! For example, when transitioning to spring, you may see more pastel colored pots that are a must-have in your home. Plus, more pots means more plants!plant-pots

5. You can't afford to fix your car, but buying new varieties of succulents cheers you up.

Sure, a car will get you to work, but new tires won’t bring you as much joy as new succulents. A new Flaming Katy or Jade Plant can cheer anyone up with just one look.

6. You don't mind spending a Friday night at home now and then.

You've transformed your bare-bones apartment into a lush garden, so you don't feel the need to go out every single weekend. Instead, you embrace the occasional night in and the opportunity to relax in your beautiful surroundings.

7. You take pride in showing everyone pictures of your plants. 

Good thing your phone has plenty of storage!

While some of your friends' Facebook feeds are full of adorable baby pictures, yours is filled with photos of foliage and colorful blooms. After showing people pictures of your plants without them asking, you know you’ve officially reached proud plant parent status.friends-on-phone

8. You’re known as the designated "plant whisperer" in your office.

With your vast knowledge of plants, you’ve become the designated plant caretaker. Everyone comes to you for advice on how to keep their plants alive and thriving. It’s also likely that your desk decor features a few succulents and maybe an orchid or two.

(Need some ideas? Check out this roundup of the best plants for your workplace.) 

9. Only your most reliable friends can be trusted to watch your plants.

Let’s face it, your plants are basically your kids and you wouldn’t let just anyone watch your kids while you’re away. Before leaving on a trip, you find your most reliable friend or family member and leave detailed care instructions.

(Fortunately, caring for Just Add Ice plants is super simple—just follow our ice cube watering method.

There’s no shame in being a plant parent!

Plants have health benefits and can even reduce stress with just one smell or touch. And their vibrant leaf colors can brighten up any area, especially if you’re in an apartment or small space. It’s no wonder more and more people are becoming plant parents or growing their plant family. If you’re new to the plant parent community or just looking to add more plants to your home, check out our collection. 

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