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How to Turn Your Store Bought Orchid into a Stunning Arrangement

May 14, 2015

Orchids are a breathtaking addition to most any decor. Their colorful flowers and the festive ceramic pots they come in make it easy to incorporate them into your home or office without any additional work — just place them on a mantle, table or counter.

But if you’re feeling a little crafty or just want to add an extra element to the display of your orchid, there are a few simple things you can do to make your blooms stand out. 

Here are a few easy tips to make your orchid look like it was professionally arranged by a florist.

Spruce up the Container

Beyond the plant itself, a critical part of a flower arrangement is the pot it’s displayed in. Your orchid already comes in a beautifully designed ceramic pot, but you can make it more interesting by customizing the pot or choosing a different container. Painting your own design, using chalkboard paint and writing messages, or hanging charms from the pot or plant are all great ways to personalize your orchid. 

You can find even more tips for customizing your plant here.

Include Decorative Touches

Adding additional elements like tall decorative twigs or raffia to your orchid can provide more visual interest. When considering what to include, look for items the same height or taller than your plant. You can then tie your orchid to these new items, which will provide a more aesthetically pleasing element than the standard stake and plastic clip the plant comes with. Secure your orchid to the twigs using twine, string or ribbon.  

Depending on the size of the container you choose, you may need to use some moss or stones to fill any extra space inside the pot. If you decide to not use the pot your orchid comes in, you could crush it up and use the colorful pieces to fill in the extra space. 

Use Multiple Plants

If your container is large enough, you could add more than one orchid to the arrangement. For tips on adding multiple orchids to an arrangement, check out this post. Alternatively, you could add a complementary plant to your orchid arrangement. Some options include ivy or succulents. Make sure to keep each plant in its own plastic container to make for easy rearranging. 

While orchids easily brighten up your home as soon as you bring them back from the store, adding a few personal elements can tie them into your interior design or make a gift even more memorable. 

Ready to add some extra flair to your orchid? Learn some tips and tricks in this video clip.

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