5 Unconventional Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s Day 2021 Ideas

Love is in the air, and it’s time to start thinking about how you want to spend Valentine’s Day 2021, whether it’s with the love of your life or a few of your closest friends. Planning time with your loved ones may look a little different than past years, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less special. We’ve cooked up a few nontraditional ways to celebrate a day of love.

5 unconventional ways to spend Valentines Day 2021

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, giving you and your valentine plenty of time to squeeze some or all of these fun activities into your day.

Hike together

Bundle up and get back to nature. Take time to reconnect with one another and enjoy a hike in a nearby park system. Getting back to nature releases dopamine (a happy hormone) in your brain, and also helps you get some much-needed vitamin D. If it’s not too chilly, pack a lunch and enjoy the scenery.

Give back

Take time to spread the love and volunteer at a local animal shelter, soup kitchen or food bank. You could also make donations to women’s shelters, homeless shelters or send care packages to military personnel overseas.

Cook together

Rather than planning a meal out, plan time to cook together. Weekday meals can be rushed and simple, so wouldn’t it be grand if you could make the dinner of your dreams? Working together builds your bond and doesn’t everything taste better when it’s made with love?

Alternatively, if you both could use a little more practice in the kitchen, take a virtual cooking class. Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table and The Chef & The Dish offer online options.

Write gratitude letters

Take a moment to write a few letters of gratitude to some of your closest friends and family. It’s not often you receive a letter in the mail, which makes this Valentine’s Day approach special. Be sure to thank them for their support though the years and consider adding a gift card to their local coffee shop or bakery.

Make time for yourself

Whether you’re single or partnered, it’s important you remember to take time for yourself! Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to practice self-care and think about all the lovely things your body has done for you. Treat yourself to a spa appointment, buy a plant or two for your home office, pull the trigger on that pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on, send the kids to grandma’s for the day — whatever you choose, make it all about you. You deserve it!

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