What Makes Orchid Growing Such a Fascinating Hobby?

What Makes Orchid Growing Such a Fascinating Hobby?

More than 30,000 different species of orchids have been discovered on Earth from which more than 200,000 hybrids have been created. It is this exotic plant’s unusual ability to produce hybrids between species and between related genera – an ability unique in both the plant and animal kingdoms -- that inflames the passion of serious orchid growers. Many dedicated orchid hobbyists spend years carefully propagating and cross pollinating orchid plants in the hope that they will one day create a stunning
new orchid hybrid.

Naming rights are just a small part of the appeal. The opportunity to create a new flower, never before seen on the planet, is heady stuff. In their fervor, orchid hybridizers keep meticulous records that track the minutia of each plant’s daily life: How much water the orchid received. The quality of light provided. The level of humidity the plant was exposed to. The growing medium used. The type, amount and timing of fertilizer applied. The results of daily insect inspections. Orchid flowering dates and the length of each flowering period. The coloration, markings, number and size of each plant’s blooms. Repotting orchids and propagation results. In pursuit of their goal to create a truly unique orchid, any tiny fact may hold the key to success.

While the science of orchid propagation provides the appealing challenge that draws orchid hobbyists, it is the incredible beauty and bewitching form of these singular plants that seduces orchid lovers, compelling a lifelong interest in these fascinating plants.

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