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3 Creative Uses for Orchids

June 30, 2015

Most of the articles you’ll find on this blog are about keeping your orchids alive and thriving. With the proper care, your Just Add Ice Orchid can bloom for many years to come. And while plucking off your orchid blooms in their prime isn’t normally something we’d suggest, these creative uses for orchids might just be worth it.  

Confused? Allow us to explain. 

While blooming potted orchids will always be our favorite way to enjoy these beautiful plants, here are three creative uses for orchid blooms that you may not be aware of. Let your creative side shine through and give one a try! 

1. Use Orchid Blooms and Stems as Fertilizer

If you have a thriving outdoor garden, you may want to consider buying an orchid specifically for its potential as a fertilizer. Since orchids contain essential nutrients and minerals that are beneficial to other plants, they can help improve the quality of the soil in your garden. Simply chop up your orchid blooms and stems and mix them with other common compost items—like egg shells and coffee grounds—then spread the mixture throughout your garden. 

2. Wear a Lei of Blooms Around Your Neck

If you have a summer luau on your schedule, this craft is a great way to bring some authenticity to your costume. Though you’ll likely need several plants to have enough blooms to spare, you’re bound to be the hit of the party. Simply use a lei needle and thread to string the blooms through their center and knot the ends of your remaining thread together. You could even use a similar technique (and fewer blooms!) to make a matching headpiece. 

3. Customize a Candle With Dried Blooms

If you’re feeling really crafty, you can make a customized decoupage orchid bloom candle. Simply pluck a few blooms and press them between sheets of wax paper and a heavy book to dry, then use glue and decoupage sealer to attach them to the sides of your candle. Here’s a picture of a finished product and here’s a different tutorial that even suggests making your own custom candle forms. 

Can’t bring yourself to sacrifice your orchid’s blooms? Check out decorating ideas for personalizing your planter pot in this free download.

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