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3 Supplies Every Orchid Lover Needs to Personalize His or Her Plants

July 7, 2015

Phalaenopsis orchids are known for their beauty and ease of care. Because you don’t have to put much effort into their care — just three ice cubes per week — you might not give much thought to anything else but keeping a few ice cubes on hand. 

But whether you’re growing your first orchid, or you’re an experienced grower, adding a few extra supplies to your orchid arsenal can help you personalize your plant and might make the growing process even easier. Here are some of the supplies every orchid lover needs.

1. A Decorative Pot or Pot Decorating Supplies

To add a little flair to your orchid, or just better incorporate it into your home’s interior design, you can select a decorative pot that matches your decor or decorate the pot your orchid comes in. Decorate your orchid’s existing pot by painting it with a color you like or with a design. You could also use chalkboard paint for additional personalization. Take a look at these easy ways to make your planter one of a kind

If you’re really wanting to make a statement, you could buy a large pot and create your own orchid arrangement by adding several orchids to the pot or using additional plants and accessories. You can reuse the pot your orchid came in by replanting a different flower or plant in it, or crushing the pot up to make a colorful filler for your custom arrangement. (Note: If you go the crushed route, you’ll want to make sure you place the pot pieces on top of the planting media, so you don’t damage the plant.)

2. Cutting Tools

At some point in your orchid’s life, you’ll need to trim it. For this task you can use any regular scissors you have on hand, or if you’d prefer, a pair of gardening shears. You could also use a razor blade. Whatever tool you decide to use, be sure to sterilize it before making any cuts.

3. Bamboo Stakes and/or Flower Spike Clips

Bamboo stakes help support the flower spikes as they grow from the base of the orchid. Most orchids you find at retail locations already come with these stakes, but if you don’t like the color of the stake or want to add a stake that is more in line with your home decor, you certainly could. Flower spike clips simply help secure the spikes to the stakes. Again, most store bought orchids come with these clips. You can spruce up your orchid by using a variety of clips. Examples include different colored clips or clips in the shape of butterflies or dragonflies. Or, if you’d rather not purchase clips, you could simply use twist ties to secure your spikes to the stakes.

Having a few extra supplies on hand can help personalize your plant and make the growing process even simpler. 

What orchid supplies or accessories are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

5 Ways to Personalize Your Orchid Plant