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3 Sustainable Home Decor Tips That Won’t Break Your Budget

June 28, 2022

You’re probably reading this because you want to do your part to help the planet. 

Doing the right thing sometimes means paying more, but incorporating some sustainable home decor into your existing living space doesn’t have to end in you shelling out tons of cash. 

We’ve outlined a few eco-friendly home decorating tips that won’t prompt a worried phone call from your bank. They might even spark your creativity!

What is Sustainable Home Decor?

Many of us use the terms “sustainable” and “eco-friendly” interchangeably, and while they may be lexiconic cousins, here’s the difference in a nutshell:

Eco-friendly means the product or service doesn’t harm the earth. Sustainability focuses on the future and how current products and practices impact people and the planet not only now, but also down the road. 

It can cost more money to source materials in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable way, while also paying people a living wage, and creating longer-lasting, higher quality products. 

On the other hand, living an eco-conscious lifestyle that incorporates a few sustainable practices can actually lower the cost of decorating your home.

Repurpose and Decorate with Natural Materials

All of the plastic ever created is still in existence because it doesn't biodegrade! Natural materials will, as long as they’re disposed of properly. 

Natural objects, such as flowers and indoor plants, add an artistic touch of color and can calm the nerves. While plastic plants (think polyester) may be easier to care for, they lack the benefits of live, indoor plants.

One of the ways to prevent factories from spewing out even more CO2 and other greenhouse gasses is by decreasing the demand for supplies. By finding new purposes for items destined for the landfill, you can do just that!

When it comes to wooden decorations, there are many places that use reclaimed wood, or wood that was formerly used for something else. West Elm is one of the better-known brands for furniture made from reclaimed wood, but your local furniture store may have sustainable home goods as well.

Some fun places to shop for eco-friendly home decorations are your local artist co-op and farmers’ markets. There, you’ll find some beautiful, unique pieces made with natural materials, such as clay, glass, wool and more.


Source: Etsy

Incorporate Upcycled and DIY Decor

Before you throw away that old coffee table, can you or someone you know restore it? Adding an artistic flare to an old piece of furniture such as the one above can quickly add a cool vibe to the space, taking it from zero to hero.

The online marketplace makes it easy to buy handmade, upcycled decor from artisans around the world. Many of them are doing some really cool things in the sustainability realm by upcycling materials. The pillow below was made from upcycled cloth

6.27homedecorpillowSource: Etsy

Feeling the urge to tap into your inner artist? You can make your own decor by repurposing what you already have. 

Remember that gigantic clam shell one of your kids found on vacation? Make it a family project by turning it into a candle. Chipped mugs and bowls that aren’t safe to drink from can also be repurposed this way. They’re also fun planters for succulents. 

We’re a little biased, but orchids are really great plant pals for DIY projects. Check out our Orchid Mount DIY blog + video for a really simple project that even the busiest, most artistically challenged of us can do!

Visit vintage shops, antique stores, and estate sales

If restoration and DIY aren’t your jam, consider visiting vintage shops and antique shops along with estate sales and get a dose of history in the process as each one has a unique story. 

Even though antiques can be pricey, local antique shops are great places to find smaller items to decorate your home. You may be surprised at the deals you find!

You can even combine all of the above by upcycling an old ladder you found at a garage sale, fixing it up yourself, and repurposing it, like in the picture below. This would be a great place to show off some of those other DIY home decorating projects!

6.27homedecorshelfSource: Pinterest

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