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Banish the Winter Blahs: Benefits of Indoor Plants

February 23, 2023

You know about the winter blues, but perhaps a lesser-known-but-more-insidious evil are the winter blahs that quietly drain us of all inspiration and energy over the course of the winter. One of the many benefits of indoor plants is their ability to banish the doldrums of winter. Instead of curling up in a ball and waiting for spring, turn to your plant for help!

3 Creative Ways Plants Can Help You Find Your Muse

Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, engaging in creative activities can boost your mood, sharpen your mind and bring back your joie de vivre! These tips are easy, even for those who have lost their creative spark.

Try a New Twist on Ikebana

While Ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging, isn’t always appropriate for potted plants (please don’t break your orchid’s stem on purpose!), you can use the basic principles for arranging your houseplants. It’s all about bringing balance and harmony, which we all desperately need in winter.

Bring natural objects from outdoors, such as stones from the garden, to add to the arrangement. If you have more than one potted plant, try arranging them near each other but on different levels.

Experiment with different locations to see how the colors of the plant complement the colors of your decor. For example, blue and orange are complementary colors. Just be sure each plant is still getting the appropriate amount of light and is not near a vent.

Turn Your Houseplant Into A Painting

You don’t need the artistic talent of Georgia O’Keeffe to turn orchids and other houseplants into works of art. Once you’ve arranged your houseplants to bring balance and harmony, you can turn them into paintings of your own.

First, start taking some photos. All you need is a smartphone and the right lighting. Orchids photograph particularly well (hint, hint).

Photographing Flowers Blog

Next, have one (or a few) of your photos printed onto a canvas that you can hang on your wall! You could even do a series of three vertical photos that you hang side-by-side or one square photo with two vertical ones on either side.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, get out some paintbrushes and paint over parts of the canvas to make it look more like an oil painting. Even if it’s not museum-worthy, the process of creating can be healing and gratifying because it’s your creation!

Get Crafty

Create a new look for your orchid with a DIY orchid mount like this one. They’re fairly simple, even for the new DIYer.

Orchid crafting

Since orchids are epiphytic, their nature is to grow onto other plants, particularly trees, so you’re doing it a favor by giving it something to attach itself to! It’s also easy to water: Simply mist the roots!

Has your houseplant outgrown its pot? If you have to buy a new pot, you might as well use those paintbrushes to create your own designed pot. Paint your pot a solid color, add a simple design or experiment with something more challenging. Your plant won’t mind what the pot looks like as long as it’s the right size and has appropriate potting soil.

If you know the basics of woodworking, you can create your own plant stands or design shelves for wall displays. For an easier method of displaying your houseplant in a new way, consider repurposing items such as a distressed wooden ladder or chair, a chandelier or an old dresser drawer on a stand!

Liven Up Your Workspace (or Artist Studio)

If you want proof that plants can increase creativity, this study revealed that participants in a room with plants came up with more creative ideas than those in a room devoid of any plant pals. They’ll also trap dust and remove toxins from the air, which is an added bonus when trying to find inspiration. Try adding houseplants to your workspace to breathe new life into your projects!

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