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Best Wedding Gifts for Nature Lovers

May 17, 2022

It can be daunting to buy wedding gifts for nature lovers – or any gift for that matter – since they are often advocates for decreasing consumerism and its impact on climate change. Fear not! There are some cool gifts out there that won’t contribute to global warming. 

Here are just a few gift ideas that even the most eco-conscious outdoorsy types are sure to appreciate.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts for Nature Lovers

Nature-loving couples are sure to appreciate gifts that have a low-impact on the environment. Here are two products that actually help the environment:

Bee House

You’ve heard the bee population is declining, but did you know that for every three bites of food you consume, one of those bites was made possible by bees? So yes, dying bees are a very bad thing for our food supply and the environment overall.

Eco-conscious newlyweds will love attracting pollinators to their garden with this cute bee house made of elderberry wood. It even comes with a free wildflower mix.


Indoor plants add a touch of nature to your indoor space, creating a more tranquil vibe and pleasing aesthetics. Yet houseplants offer so much more than pretty petals and leaves. They can also have a positive effect on physical and mental health.

For an eco-friendly wedding gift, consider giving a white orchid, which represents purity, or a red anthurium to represent love. And since potted plants last for months, this is one gift your friends won’t have to throw in the trash and feel guilty about later.

Hiking Backpack

Nature lovers need a durable backpack to stow snacks, reusable water bottles and other essentials. The bag could even double as a gift bag, which is a more sustainable option that is sure to be appreciated by your nature-loving friends. 

Patagonia is a great brand for the eco-conscious, if not always for the budget conscious. Still, they have some backpacks starting as low as $79 and their products are built to last. 

Unique Wedding Gifts for the Outdoorsy Couple

These gifts put a modern twist on traditional outdoor items. Your nature-loving friends will have an enhanced experience of the natural world while looking way cooler when they’re chillin’ in nature.

Nocs Binoculars

Binoculars give humans eagle-eye vision, so what nature-lover wouldn’t want to have a closer look at a hawk soaring overhead with a snake in its mouth? Without enhanced vision, many of these details would go unnoticed. 

Binoculars can even provide enjoyment during the coldest months with close-up peeks at backyard birds, such as cardinals cracking open seeds at the bird feeder. 

Ok, but what’s so unique about binoculars, you ask? Meet Nocs, the next generation of binoculars. Brightly-colored with printed strap options, these definitely aren’t your grandparents’ binoculars! They even come in cool colors, like poppy, marigold and cypress. They’re also less than $100.

A Hammock Made for Two

What better way for tree huggers to enjoy the lazy summer months than by falling asleep suspended between two trees? 

Doing it together! This Eno hammock fits two, and when you buy one, Eno will plant two trees in partnership with Trees for the Future.

Customizable Picnic Table Wine Carrier

Not all nature lovers are rugged adventurers. If you need a wedding gift for romantic types who enjoy picnics in the park, you can’t go wrong with this wine carrier that doubles as a picnic table. 

Handmade in Oregon with beautiful cherry wood, the makers will even engrave the couple’s name, creating a truly unique gift for your nature-loving friends!

If you still can’t decide, you need something fast, or you just don’t know the couple well enough, you can’t go wrong with a houseplant. You’ll get it straight from our greenhouse in just a few days.

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