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3 Outdoor Summer Decorating Ideas for Making Meaningful Memories

May 10, 2022

Summertime can be a wonderfully dizzying experience filled with festivals, parades and backyard barbecues, but eventually it all becomes a blur. Make your summer gatherings more memorable by adding strong visuals to the setting. One easy way to do this is to invite your stunning indoor plants to your outdoor space during the warmer months.

Here are some simple outdoor summer decorating ideas that will dazzle your guests and give them plenty to talk about!

Outdoor Summer Decorating with Watercolor Orchids


Make a splash this summer when you use Watercolor Orchids™ to add an artistic flair to your outdoor space. Add a pop of color to your patio or deck by placing them alongside the rail, use them as a centerpiece on your picnic table, or find a place to show off your new DIY orchid mount.

Our orchids are dyed using a safe and natural patented method of injecting a specially-formulated dye into the stem of the plants. They’re as easy to care for as non-dyed orchids.

Anthuriums Add Festivity to Outdoor Decor


The festive red of Anthuriums are the perfect for July 4th and Labor Day backyard barbecues. Their heart-shaped blooms and flower spikes can last up to eight weeks. For a truly patriotic look, add white orchids and blue watercolor orchids to the mix!

Like orchids, Anthuriums make great centerpieces. Just be sure to keep pets (and small children) from eating them as their blooms are toxic. 

Decorate for Garden Weddings and Special Celebrations with White Mini Orchids


Hosting a wedding or other special occasion in your backyard? White Mini Orchids add classic elegance to the celebration. They serve a dual purpose when you use them to decorate the tables and give away as gifts to guests to commemorate your special day.

Their smaller stature also makes them the perfect picnic table decoration later in the summer or desktop companion as the weather cools.

Use a Stunning Outdoor Setting to Create Long-Lasting Memories

When it comes to long-term memory, visual memory is more powerful than auditory memory, so rather than obsessing over the playlist, focus on the visual effects. Create an experience everyone will remember when you incorporate the unusual beauty and color of orchids, anthuriums and other indoor plants. And since plants are photogenic, those summer memories will likely make an appearance on Instagram as well. We'd love to see how your decorations turned out, so be sure to tag us in your posts!