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Orchid Care: How to Care for My Mini Orchid

December 22, 2022

Are you afraid you're going to 'break' your new mini orchid? Don't let its size and delicate appearance fool you! Phalaenopsis orchid care, even for minis, is easy.

Just like their full-sized counterparts, mini orchids are hardy plants that require minimal care to thrive. Their smaller stature allows them to be a more versatile decorating option, and their miniature blossoms make a charming addition to centerpieces and displays.  

How Mini Orchid Care is Similar to Full-Sized Orchid Care

Mini orchids need all the same things full-sized Phals need: the proper amount of water, indirect sunlight, regulated temperature and a fairly high humidity level (between 55 and 75 percent). 

The seasonal care for mini orchids is also comparable to full-sized plants. Your minis will follow the same natural life cycle of blooming, resting and reblooming if you maintain a good care routine.

You'll likely need to trim the spikes on your mini orchid after the final bloom falls, and you might need to consider repotting at some point in your plant’s growth. 

How Mini Orchid Care Differs From Full-Sized Orchid Care 

The key difference between caring for full-sized orchids and mini orchids is quantity. Since minis are smaller, they naturally need less water and fertilizer. Rather than the standard three ice cubes, minis only need one ice cube per week

The typical pine bark media used for full-sized orchids is too bulky for small mini pots. Instead, mini orchids like to cozy up to sphagnum moss media over wood chips. While this doesn’t cause any significant change in care, you might have to move some moss aside to check the health of your mini’s roots. 

You may need to repot your mini orchid as it grows. You can even add it to an existing pot with a full-sized orchid (if there’s room). This can create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of large and small blooms. 

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