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Orchids Are the Perfect Gift for Every Mom on Your Mother’s Day List

May 6, 2014

perfect-gift-mothers-dayOur Moms do so much for us throughout the course of a year. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion for us to really thank them for all they do. But what about the other women in your family who are Moms; do you remember to show them how much you care?

This Mother’s Day, start a new giving tradition with a single gift: the orchid. Today’s post highlights the beauty of orchids, as well as the various women in your life that you should consider giving an orchid to this Mother’s Day.

Colors with Personalized Meanings

Did you know flower colors convey specific meanings? For example, red is associated with passion and love; yellow is associated with friendship and celebration; and purple is associated with royalty and admiration. Some varieties of orchids are also two-toned. With this in mind, a yellow orchid with purple spots or stripes is the perfect gift for your girlfriends who are mothers. Wouldn’t you agree?

A Perennial Champion

When people think of the ideal Mother’s Day flower, they likely think of roses or lilacs. But after a week or two, bouquets of these flowers quickly fade and are thrown into the trash. Orchid blooms, on the other hand, can last two to three months or longer, the perfect symbol for a hardy, long-term relationship like the one you enjoy with an aunt or grandmother.

Honor the Non-traditional

Although non-traditional in this part of the world, the ancient practice of Feng Shui has become popular in the West over the last two decades. Feng Shui involves using color and placement to balance the flow of energy or “chi.” Stepmothers are a lot like Feng Shui. They’re not a traditional family member, but it doesn’t mean you should value these women any less. Whether they have biological children of their own or inherited children through marriage, an orchid is a great way to show your stepmother that she is a welcome addition to the family.

Add a Touch of Sibling Elegance

Just above, we touched on the color meanings of orchids. In addition to royalty and respect, purple imbues a sense of elegance. Every mother is elegant in her own right, including your sister. Sisters are often overlooked on Mother’s Day, but instead of giving her a card, why not surprise her with an elegant purple orchid? Better yet, why not give her a mini purple orchid? She’ll appreciate how easy it is to care for, especially if she has a brood of little ones running around in her home!

This Mother’s Day, think outside of the bouquet and opt for a less traditional flower. As you celebrate this day with your Mother, don’t forget to honor all of the other moms around you.

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