Repot Your Phalaenopsis Orchid Easily with our New Repotting Kit

Repot Your Phalaenopsis Orchid Easily with our New Repotting Kit

Some of the most common questions we get from orchid owners are: Is my orchid dead? And when do I need to repot my orchid? Over the years, we’ve addressed these concern to reassure orchid owners that dormancy is a natural part of the orchid life cycle, orchids can be rebloomed for years to come, and that you really only need to re-pot once every couple of years—phew!

But when it comes time to repot an orchid, it can be a little intimidating. How do you know which roots to trim down, what potting medium to use, and how big your next pot should be?

We’re here to help with our new Orchid Repotting Kit!

This kit contains everything you need to help your orchid into a new home for it to continue growing and thriving. The Orchid Repotting Kit includes: 

  • Orchid potting media
  • Stem clips
  • 6” grower pot
  • 6” ceramic pot
  • Simple instructions

Want a closer look at the process? Check out our video on orchid repotting.

The Three Benefits of Repotting

1. More Space

Living in a smaller pot means your orchid can focus on its blooms rather than growing bigger roots and leaves. But eventually, your orchids will need a bigger home to stretch their roots. Repotting gives your orchids more space to develop their root systems and grow.

2. Fresh Nutrients

Your orchid medium is essential to your plant’s short and long-term health. It provides crucial support, circulation and nutrients for its roots. Repotting your plant helps to ensure that you are replacing your depleted medium with new medium.

3. Remove Odor

You may notice an unpleasant odor coming from your plant’s roots due to decomposed medium. Repotting your orchid will remove this odor and keep your home pleasant!

When Should I Repot?

Repotting should happen after an orchid’s blooms have dropped as it enters dormancy.

In general, Just Add Ice Orchids should be repotted every one to two years. You may repot sooner if your orchid shows signs of distress such as overwatering, pests, or diseases (or if you notice an unpleasant smell due to decomposing bark media).

If your orchid is ready to graduate to a bigger pot, order an Orchid Repotting Kit today to get started.