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How to Safely Display Your Orchid Outside This Summer

July 21, 2020

Putting your Phalaenopsis orchids outside for the summer adds a nice splash of color to your patio or deck. Taking care of an orchid plant outdoors is easy, but they still need the same love and attention you give them indoors — including bringing them in for the night.

How to Take Care of an Orchid Plant Outdoors

Phalaenopsis orchids are more sensitive to light, water, temperature, humidity and sudden drafts than other orchid species. While they thrive beautifully indoors with little care, if you decide to display your Just Add Ice Orchids outdoors, you will need to keep a careful eye on the weather and take appropriate precautions to protect your plant from the elements. We recommend bringing your orchid inside at night, during storms and during periods of extreme heat. You should inspect your orchid daily to evaluate its condition and watch for signs of plant disease or insect invasion.

Your orchid should also be placed where it will not be exposed to sudden drafts or airborne debris. Orchids must also be sheltered from the rain, which can over-saturate their planting medium and cause deadly root rot.

When choosing a spot for your orchid outdoors, keep these elements in mind:

  • Choose a shady spot under a roof or awning that still gets some light during the day. It’s best if this spot also catches a nice breeze to help cool the plant down.
  • Water more often to make sure the roots stay hydrated.
  • Mist plants in the morning to create added humidity and bring down the ambient temperature.
  • Hose down surrounding benches, floors and the ground to keep the area cooler.
  • Have someone take care of your orchids if you go on vacation or bring them back indoors.
  • Just like people, plants turn red when they’re burning. If they’re turning red, act fast to prevent the leaves from turning yellow, withering or sporting white or brown splotches.

Phalaenopsis orchids originate in warm, tropical climates, but they’re not necessarily exposed to direct sunlight, since they spend most of their time attached to trees, enjoying the dappled sunlight, shade and humid, watery air.

Display Your Orchids Outdoors

Use your orchids and other tropical plants to decorate any outdoor space this summer.

Some ideas:

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As seasons change, keeping your orchid healthy may require more vigilance because changes in temperature and air quality can affect the health of your plant. Learn more.

Download the Seasonal Changes to Expect with Your Orchids Guide