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Wholesale Orchids for Life’s Biggest Moments

July 14, 2020

Are you the kind of person who shops early for gifts? Go green with this year’s gifts for all occasions and shop wholesale orchids in white or multicolor. Our bulk mini orchids match any home decor and they’re low-maintenance — perfect for plant parents of all skill levels!

For the month of July, get 10% off wholesale orchids with the code WHOLESALE10 at checkout.

Decorate with Mini Orchids

Mini orchids make elegant table decorations for weddings, baby showers or parties. They also make great party favors or gifts. Imagine using them as a centerpiece for a small backyard wedding, circled by pinecones, twigs or other little flowers. Line them up on a table as party favors after a wedding or baby shower for a gift everyone will love and that also reminds them of you.

With our convenient Mini Orchid Party Pack, you get one dozen irresistible mini orchids in either white or multicolor. Each mini orchid is hand-selected for quality and comes in a decorative, ceramic pot, wrapped in its own protective sleeve.

When you buy wholesale orchids by the dozen, you save over $250!

Planning a bigger party? Have lots of people on your gift list? We also offer a Mini Orchid Party Pack with 20 mini orchids at a special discounted rate.

You save over $450 when you buy these wholesale orchids!

Both sets of wholesale orchids come in either white or multicolor, perfect for any occasion or decor.

Caring for a Mini Orchid

While you’re waiting for your special day to occur, water your mini orchids with one ice cube each week (compared to three for a Premium Orchid). Mini orchids can also rebloom with proper care, so they’ll last long after your big day.

Giving friends or loved ones mini orchids is also a great way to introduce them to the world of orchids, no matter their prior experience with plants. Your gift could inspire them to become an orchid evangelist!

Get 10% off wholesale orchids for the month of July by entering WHOLESALE10 at checkout.

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