Top 4 ‘Uncommon’ Orchid Care Questions Answered

Top 4 ‘Uncommon’ Orchid Care Questions Answered

Caring for orchids can raise a lot of questions. We have heard a lot of the common questions, but what about the not so common?

The American Orchid Society (AOS) has compiled a list of 10 uncommon questions people ask when caring for their orchids. Read on for the top four most uncommon orchid questions. Maybe you’ll learn something new!

Question 1: My Orchid Grows Quite Well but Doesn’t Bloom. Why?

Many orchids that aren’t blooming are in a resting state. If you find your orchid isn’t blooming, but isn’t resting either, temperature could be the culprit. The AOS reveals that too high of a temperature could affect the plant’s blooming. Also, if you’ve got your plant indoors, exposure to too much artificial light may cause long days, which would prevent flowering. If neither of the above seem to be an issue, your orchid is likely not receiving enough light. The AOS recommends providing plants with all the light they can take without burning them, of course.

Question 2: My Orchid Never Quits Blooming. When Can I Repot It?

If your orchid is in need of repotting and still blooming, repot it. If it’s healthy, you can leave the spike on. If not, remove the spike. Get repotting tips here.

Question 3: The Buds on My Spike Open at Weird Angles and Make My Arrangement Look Weird. What Can I Do?

Once the buds begin to form on the spike, you shouldn’t try to reposition the plant. Like most plants, buds are drawn toward the light. If you frequently move the plant, the buds will twist and turn to find the light source, which can cause the arrangement to look odd.

Question 4: I’m getting a lot of crown rot. What can I do?

Prevention is the best solution for dealing with frequent crown rot. Crown rot happens when water is deposited on the top of the plant. To prevent this, be sure to water under the leaves. Also, watering before noon can help any splashed water to evaporate before nightfall.

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