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Why Girlfriends Are The Greatest Gift (And What To Give Them This Valentine’s Day)

January 28, 2020

Having supportive and empowering female friends is the gift we give ourselves.

Not only do our closest girlfriends understand us in ways the men in our lives cannot, but they also act as lifelines of support at critical times. They’re often the first people we call when we have happy news to share as well.

Show your girlfriends how much you value their friendship with these amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Best Girlfriends

1. Spa Day

Treat yourself and your best girlfriends with a trip to the spa! Book group massages, mani-pedis or facials.

You can also host a spa night at your home for a more affordable option. Not only will you be able to get some good relaxation in, you’ll also be spending quality time with your best friends.

2. Scrapbook of Memories

Sometimes, the best gifts are the sentimental ones. When you put together a collection of memories you and your girlfriends have shared together, you’ll have a tangible way to remember them all year.

You don’t have to create an entire scrapbook to have a lasting impact. It can be as simple as a framed photo.

3. Mini Orchids

Want a unique, affordable gift you can give each of your closest friends? Consider giving mini orchids. They’re low-maintenance and bloom for a long time—just like your friendship! Mini orchids are also perfect for that friend who lives far away. You can order one ahead of time and schedule it to be delivered on Valentine’s Day.

Buy your girlfriends a mini orchid in their favorite color. Shop mini orchids.

4. Engraved Jewelry

Buying jewelry is one thing, but engraving it with something personal makes it even more special. If you and your girlfriends have an inside joke, a positive mantra, or just always want to be reminded that the other one is thinking of them, engrave a bracelet or necklace with something that is unique to your friendship.

5. Gourmet Cooking Class

You and your girls could go to a nice restaurant to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, but why not do something a little more original?

Sign-up for a gourmet cooking class where you can learn to cook something new and have fun doing it! You’ll get more enjoyment out of a meal you made together.

Show your girlfriends just how much you love and appreciate them this Valentine’s Day with a gift they’ll cherish all year.

Still can’t decide on the perfect gift? Shop our entire collection of indoor plants.

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