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5 Secrets to an Irresistible Point of Purchase Display

5 Secrets to an Irresistible Point of Purchase Display

It’s a well-known truth that when the products in your store are displayed prominently and in an appealing way, they’re more likely to catch your customer’s eye. This is especially important for the shoppers who enter your store with a list and a clear purpose—that means it’s up to you to give them a reason to slow down and look around. And one way to do this is to create an irresistible point of purchase display.

Here are our five best tips for making your point of purchase display appealing to your customers:

1. Keep it Bright and Colorful

For your display to truly stand out, you’ll need to embrace décor that can’t be ignored. Use bold, bright colors to help your display stand out from the rest of your products. The more eye-catching you make it, the less likely your customers will be able to walk by without giving the featured product some consideration.

2. Carefully Consider Placement

Ideally, you want your point of purchase display to be prominently featured in an area of your store that receives significant shopper traffic. In other words, don’t tuck your display in the back corner of your store that rarely gets any attention. Instead, aim for the front of the store or on a popular aisle.

3. Engage Your Customers’ Senses

Sure, you want your customers to see your display, but it’s even better if you can engage multiple senses at once. For instance, a display of beautiful orchids is more likely to make your customers stop to not only take a look, but also inhale the intoxicating fragrance. Once they start picturing how nice it would be to smell fresh flowers in their home all the time, your sale numbers are bound to increase.

4. Strengthen Your Messaging

In addition to making your display bright and eye-catching, it’s also a good idea to include enticing messaging that is quick and clear to read. This may include a short explanation of what the product is and what pain point it will address for your customers, or it could communicate an enticing offer or discount. Remember: most of your customers aren’t going to stop and read your display, so keep is short, snappy and worth their time.

5. Consider Including Add-ons

While you don’t want to be too pushy with the upsell, if you have other products that could be used in conjunction with or to enhance the use of the product in your display, you can feature them with your display. You may even consider offering a coupon or discount when both are purchased.

Putting a little extra effort into the design and purpose of your point of purchase display can make all the difference in how your customers receive your product. Just a few simple and easy tips is all it takes to make your display irresistible.

A few well-placed fresh flowers can go a long way toward enhancing your display’s appearance—and if you’re selling them in your store, you can also entice them to spend a few extra dollars. Orchids in particular are a great revenue booster; they take up minimal floor space while intriguing customers with their exotic appearance.

Create a display your customers can’t say no to—start selling orchids today.



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