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5 Situations When Orchid Delivery is a Lifesaver

May 11, 2023

While you can certainly find our beautiful orchids in many stores, orchid delivery can be a lifesaver when you need to send a gift fast. Here are five situations that warrant this option, along with orchid selection suggestions for each situation.

When Someone You Love Experiences a Loss

It’s hard to know what to say or do when someone close to you experiences the loss of a loved one. Helping a friend through their grief can be even more challenging when you don’t live in the same state.

An orchid will last much longer than a flower arrangement and won’t saddle your friend with a high-maintenance plant. In many cultures, orchids are symbols of love, beauty and strength, so they can be a positive way of commemorating their departed loved one for years to come.

Orchid Suggestion: Consider the culture of the person receiving the orchid. Certain colors, such as white, may or may not be appropriate for someone who is grieving. Did their loved one have a favorite color? This could be an excellent choice.

When Birthdays & Holidays Sneak Up on You

Even in the age of social media and smartphone calendar reminders, it happens: you forget the birthday of someone important to you.

Want to make them forget your birthday gift was a little late? When they see a gorgeous orchid delivered right to their front door, not only will they forgive your faux pas, but they’ll have something to cherish long after the sun has set on their big day. 

Orchid Suggestion: Try to find a plant whose colors (or pot) match your giftee's birthstone or favorite color. If that isn't possible, how about a plant that complements their home decor?

The same can be applied to other special days that warrant gifts, such as Mother's Day, Easter and Christmas. Our time-limited collections for these holidays feature special orchid arrangements and fun themed pots and picks. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly blog so you don't miss out!

When You Want to Say Congratulations

Sharing in the excitement when someone you love has big news is more challenging from far away.

Whether it’s a promotion at work or transitioning to a new life phase, like getting married,  delivering an orchid to their office or home is an easy and memorable way to let them know you’re thinking of them. 

Orchid: For offices and small spaces, consider a mini orchid. As a wedding gift, an orchid planter is sure to have a dramatic impact!

When You Need to Thank Someone

Orchid Wedding 2

Sometimes a simple thank you note just doesn’t seem like enough. When saying thank you warrants something more dramatic, try sending an orchid. You’ll make them feel as special as they made you feel when they helped you out.

Unlike thank you notes that quickly end up in a drawer or in the trash, your gift will be a constant reminder of your appreciation for them.

Orchid Suggestion: A petite orchid is big enough to show how thankful you are, but it won't break your pocketbook!

When You Want to Surprise Someone

Orchids are show stoppers, so they make perfect gifts when you want to surprise someone.

Maybe you have a long-distance love and you want to let them know how much they mean to you or a friend who has been down for a while needs some cheer. Arranging a surprise orchid delivery is sure to put a smile on their face.

If you need a gift that is meaningful and quick to arrive, don’t waste time shopping online or lugging complicated packages to the post office. Instead, send an orchid and share comfort, happiness or best wishes with the ones you love.

Orchid Suggestion: For the ultimate wow factor, send a watercolor orchid. It's sure to make a splash!

Need to send a gift fast? Start shopping now! We even have gift cards for various occasions. We make orchid delivery fast and easy!