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I Received an Orchid for Valentine’s Day—Now What?

February 20, 2014

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and to your delight, you received your first Phalaenopsis orchid! Just Add Ice Phalaenopsis orchids will bloom for one to three months or longer after purchase. Variety and age play a big part in how long your orchid will stay in bloom; however, how you care for your orchid plays an even bigger part.

The good news is that orchids are very simple to care for, even for those with a “black thumb.”Ready to get started? Check out the below basic care tips for your orchid!

Watering Your Orchid

Are you notorious for over or under-watering your plants? You’re in luck because giving Just Add Ice orchids the proper amount of water is a snap! In order to give your orchid the ideal amount of water, just add three ice cubes to your plant each week. If you received an Orchid Mini, use just one ice cube per week. Sign up for our free watering reminders to remember what day of the week to water your orchid. 


Your hardy little orchid drinks in light, but too much light causes an orchid to burn. Orchids in the wild grow on trees and are shaded from direct sunlight, so be sure to only expose your orchid to indirect light. If you place your orchid near a window, filter out the sunlight with a curtain or drapes. A clear indication that your orchid is getting too much sunlight exposure is if its leaves develop a reddish-purple tint


Phalaenopsis orchids originated in the tropics, but you don’t have to live in a tropical climate to keep an orchid. You do, however, need to keep your orchid in a warm temperature in order for it to truly thrive. A Phalaenopsis’ ideal temperature is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your orchid warm is especially crucial for those who live in colder climates. Be diligent about sealing up any drafts in your home. Your orchid likes moisture as much as it does heat, so make sure that the air is warm and not too dry by keeping a humidifier on throughout the day on a low setting. (Turn the humidifier off at night to allow the orchid to dry out). Click here for more orchid winter care tips.

Ethylene Gas

To help your orchid keep its bloom as long as possible, shield your plant from ethylene gas. Ethylene gas is emitted from ripening produce like oranges, apples and bananas and can cause “bud blast,” or the premature dropping of orchid flowers. Instead of placing your orchid in the kitchen where it is more likely to be exposed to ethylene gas, opt for a room close to the kitchen, such as the dining or living room.

For a more in-depth guide to caring for your orchid, download “10 Steps to Keeping Your Orchid Healthy” today!

Keeping you Orchid Healthy