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Orchids of Mystery

Orchids have come to represent the mysterious, so perhaps it should not be surprising that they are the stars in a series of murder mystery novels. The website for author Michelle Wan and her book series can be viewed...

National Magazine Shows Converted Skeptic - Ice for Orchids? Yes.

Just Add Ice Orchids was featured in a blog by the Editor of the CEO & Entrepreneur™ Magazine blog this week. We especially love the title Ice On Orchids? Yes. One Converted Skeptic.

Basic Care of Phalaenopsis Orchids

Here at Just Add Ice, we specialize in one type of orchid: the Phalaenopsis. But that doesn't mean that your choices are limited, since there are about 60 stunning varieties!

Prevent Overwatering - Bonus to Watering with Ice

In case you're contemplating watering with ice, there now may be another benefit in support of this method!

My Easy Orchids now Just Add Ice Orchids

Recently, became "" to make remembering to 'just-add-ice' that much easier!