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6 Tips to Increase Holiday Floral Sales

6 Tips to Increase Holiday Floral Sales

The holiday season is usually a busy time for florists and floral departments, and after the slower summer months, the increase in traffic is a welcome boost.

And while the holidays are usually associated with plants like ivy or poinsettias, fresh and potted flowers—like orchids or anthuriums—can help inspire shoppers and brighten up those dreary colder months.

Use these tips to increase holiday floral sales.

1. Participate in a holiday sale: Open your doors early for Black Friday or hold a special sale close to a holiday for any last-minute shoppers. Offer discounts on arrangements or potted plants or include an extra gift with purchase—like a holiday card.

2. Get festive: Host an evening or afternoon with warm drinks, holiday music or even a Santa appearance. Invite the community to stop in, enjoy the activities and look around. If you hold this event near the end of November or early December, you could keep attendees coming back by offering a coupon for the month of December.

Or, have a year-end sale offering warm drinks and discounted holiday merchandise. Make the new year memorable by offering a coupon or discount for a purchase made in January.

3. Hold a workshop: Much like Santa has his toy workshop, you could hold a holiday decorating workshop that teaches participants how to decorate for the holidays. Use winter or holiday-themed items to decorate arrangements and tablescapes. If you have an interior designer in your community, hold a joint event by inviting him or her to share expertise. Alternatively, let attendees create and decorate their own arrangements for simple gift-giving idea.

4. Experiment with hours: You may find that you get more business if you adopt extended holiday hours.

5. Hold an open house: Before Black Friday or the holiday shopping season starts, hold an open house “preview” event featuring some of your best gift ideas. Network or partner with community businesses. For example, you could feature food from the local cafe at your event, or partner with a local charity to help raise funds. Have refreshments on hand and raffle off a beautiful arrangement or design services.

6. Make it your own: Create your own holiday-themed items or lines of product, like holiday garlands or special holiday-themed planters that guests can fill with any plant they’d like.

And don’t forget to promote your events. Use your email list and social presences to let your audience know of your exciting upcoming festivities. Display your event schedule on a chalkboard or other sign in front of your shop, and partner with your local newspaper or other community groups to get the word out.

While Christmas is a busy time for many retailers, use these tips to get even more sales and wow your customers.

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