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4 Marketing Ideas to Boost Floral Sales this Summer

4 Marketing Ideas to Boost Floral Sales this Summer

As the weather heats up, the sale of fresh flowers usually slows. People are spending more time outdoors, and the large holidays usually associated with flowers—Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and graduations—have long passed.

But just because people are enjoying blooms outdoors doesn’t mean sales of your floral products should take a hit. Check out these hot marketing ideas to boost floral sales this summer.

1. Capitalize on Summer Parties or Weddings

While most people associate buying flowers with the major holidays above, there are many opportunities to educate them on the benefits of featuring a few flowers at their summer soiree.

For weddings, marketing during bridal show seasons in the fall and winter can help your business get the visibility it needs to remain at the top of brides’ minds. But because most people don’t plan as far in advance for summer parties, you’ll need a different approach to reach this audience.

Capture attention by featuring arrangements or groupings specially created for summer get-togethers. You might feature a collection of mini orchids in brightly colored pots on a decorated picnic tablescape, or a few colorful arrangements to liven up a summer birthday party.

Promote these featured items in front of your store as well as to your email subscribers and your social audience.

2. Have a Sidewalk Sale

Who doesn’t love a sidewalk sale? Promote your latest arrangements and other offerings in front of your shop. To make it a bigger event, consider partnering with other retailers near you, and offer discounts on your featured items.

3. Host a Monthly Design, Decorating or Arranging Workshop:

Bring out the creativity of your customers and potential customers by showing them how to create or decorate with fresh flowers. Have some arrangements and pots on hand to provide some inspiration. You could even sell tools or extras—like pots, paint or embellishments—for a uniquely stylish touch.

4. Have a Birthday Party: 

You know that email list you’ve been growing? Add a field to the signup form that asks customers to provide you with their birthday and have a summer birthday party for customers whose birthdays fall during the warmer months. Promote the event at your shop and through social channels to encourage attendance.

For an additional twist, you could have the party be for “premier” customers only, have small gifts, cake and punch and offer special items on discounts. Create special birthday arrangements or product groupings that you can offer all year.

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