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The Advantages of Selling Orchids Over Other 6-inch Plants

The Advantages of Selling Orchids Over Other 6-inch Plants

When you compare the appearance of a tall, delicate and vibrant orchid to that of a standard 6-inch potted plant like a mum, it’s easy to believe the advantages of orchids start and stop at appearance. While we believe orchids are more aesthetically pleasing than other store-bought plants, they also come with many hidden advantages.

5 Advantages of Selling Orchids Over Other 6-inch Plants

1. Orchids are space savers.

Full-sized orchids are 5-inch flowering plants, which means they take up less display space than 6-inch plants. The ability to stock more revenue per square foot makes your displays more appealing to customers and increases your chances of moving more product.

2. Orchids come with unique display options.

Orchid racks are a great way to display more plants while taking up less space. They’re built in vertical tiers, which allows them to take up 55 percent less space than traditional nesting tables and house 200 percent more product.

3. Orchids make more money.

Most orchids cost $19.99, which is about $5 more than other similar 6-inch plants. The higher price point makes orchids a more appealing and unique gift for customers and increases revenue opportunity for your store. And the price isn't so high that you have to worry about scaring away customers.

4. Orchids are easier to maintain.

Rather than a watering routine that requires attention several days a week, orchids only need three ice cubes once a week. That’s it! There’s no additional misting or refrigeration required. You won’t ever have to worry about overwatering or underwatering (and potentially killing) your orchids with such a foolproof system.

5. Orchids last longer.

Orchids have a long shelf life compared with other 6-inch potted plants. They’ll thrive on display in your store for more than four weeks, leading to less waste and more sales. Despite their delicate appearance, orchids are actually quite sturdy. The stems are staked for stability, and the entire plant is wrapped in a plastic sleeve for further protection.

Adding orchids—with their exotic beauty, durability and simple plan-of-care—to your floral department is a great way to attract more customers and increase your revenue.

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