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Top 7 Reasons Your Customers Will Buy Orchids

Top 7 Reasons Your Customers Will Buy Orchids

Pleasing customers is your top priority. So as you're stocking shelves in your floral department, you want products that will make your plant-seeking customers happy and attract buyers who didn't even know they needed flowers.

By stocking orchids in your floral department, you can appeal to customers on several levels. Here are our top reasons your customers will buy orchids.

1. Orchids are beautiful.

There’s no denying the elegance of a Phalaenopsis orchid. With so many different colors to choose from, orchids appeal to varying tastes and seasonal decor.

2. Orchids are easy to care for.

No need for a green thumb to raise thriving orchids. With the ice cube watering system, orchids are great for the novice gardener. Not surprisingly, 95 percent of orchid owners list “ease of care” as a deciding purchasing factor.

3. Orchids make great gifts.

There’s something special and chic about giving an orchid as a present. They’re more unique than your typical potted flower and, thanks to how easy they are to care for, they don’t come with a significant time commitment.

4. Orchids last.

Rather than buying a bouquet that will eventually end up in the trash, orchids go through blooming cycles and can last for years.

5. Orchids are affordable.

Research shows people from all income levels purchase orchids. With their long lifespans, buying an orchid gets you significant bang for your buck.

6. Orchids are trendy.

Displaying exotic flowers is a particularly trendy decorating option that isn’t likely to go out of style any time soon.

7. Orchids come with a great support system.

There is a wealth of information for orchid owners online complete with product support, downloadable how-to guides and watering reminders.

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