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Floral Purchasing Trends: Why Consumers Buy Phalaenopsis Orchids

Floral Purchasing Trends: Why Consumers Buy Phalaenopsis Orchids

These days, consumers have a lot to consider when making a floral purchase. Rows and rows of beautiful blooms in a garden center or gift shop invite consumers to examine a variety of factors: Maybe examine the plants and admire how they look, their colors, how tall or short they are. Or they go for the price tag? Perhaps they look at the tags, wanting to know how and where the plants were produced.

Researchers in Florida studied floral purchasing trends and found 73 percent found the type and quality of plant to be most important, 16 percent looked first at the plant’s price tag, and 11 percent were concerned with how the plant was produced.

Research is an important part of making customers happy, and what better way to do that than to ask them? Just Add Ice Orchids wants to know what is most important to orchid lovers. So every year, we ask our customers to take a survey about their purchasing habits. And the results of the 2015 consumer survey revealed some interesting trends.

Color is Important

In the 1800s, having a orchid was considered a sign of wealth. It’s no wonder why: These bright and beautiful tropical plants come in a variety of colors, from vibrant purples and pinks to softer whites and yellows. Though owning an orchid doesn’t have the same distinction today, color still plays an important role in the selection of the plants.

Our 2015 consumer survey found purple was the most popular orchid color; 32 percent of respondents purchased one. Pink and white orchids followed at 18 percent and 17 percent, respectively, making up consumers’ favorite colors.

We may be seeing some interior design trends when we look at other elements like pot color and the arrangement of the orchid in the pot, or its design aesthetic. The majority of our consumers, or 28 percent, prefered the traditional design aesthetic; the earthy/organic aesthetic came in second at 23 percent. In 2014, the most popular aesthetic was rustic/country.

You’ve got the right flower color, the right design aesthetic and now you need the right pot to pull the whole thing together. Our research showed earth tones were overwhelmingly the most popular colors at 46 percent. Bright colors followed at 17 percent.

The More the Merrier

Though most people (30 percent) in our survey owned a single orchid, 27 percent of consumers owned five or more orchids. Since Phalaenopsis orchids can be used to complement any home or office decor, it is not surprising to see many people own more than one. Pair an orchid with some lighting or a variety of accessories for a unique look. Add orchids to end tables in your living room for a pop of color. The possibilities are endless.

Ease of Care Takes the Cake (or Orchid)

Similar to the Florida garden center research, we asked our customers what factors influenced their decision to buy. Flower color came out on top, followed by ease of care and price.

Orchids Make Excellent Birthday Gifts

These colorful plants are not only versatile pieces of decor, they also make the perfect gift for nearly every occasion. We found 40 percent of customers bought orchids for a birthday gift, 28 percent purchased them for a major holiday, and 17 percent gave them as thank you gifts.

Where the Orchid Lovers Live

Customers in Ohio, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania purchased the most orchids.

Want more exclusive orchid purchasing trends? Get our free 2015 Just Add Ice Consumer Survey Report now. 

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