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4 Ways Floral Marketing Can Boost Your Mother's Day Sales

4 Ways Floral Marketing Can Boost Your Mother's Day Sales

Flowers aren’t just a preferred gift for Valentine’s Day. Consider these surprising statistics: It looks like consumers will spend about $1.9 billion on flowers for Mother’s Day gifts. And while many moms prefer homemade gifts from their kids, 22 percent of moms also would like to receive flowers for Mother’s Day.

Surprisingly, flowers rank higher than jewelry or spa days among moms who were asked what they’d prefer for a Mother’s Day gift.

Make the most of this upcoming holiday with these floral marketing tips to help boost Mother’s Day sales.

Don’t forget traditional channels: These days, it’s common to view marketing through a digital lens. Have an online shop? Check. Send email newsletters and promotions? Check.

Chances are, though, that there is a lot of potential in traditional offline methods of marketing. Look in your community for more ways to reach your audience. Is there a local restaurant you could partner with to offer a package of flowers and dinner? If there is a high school or college campus in your area, create special offers for students and promote them in your shop, on campus and online.

Create a signature arrangement or offering: Create a few small and large designs that will be exclusive for Mother’s Day. Or create an exclusive pairing for the holiday, like an orchid paired with a bottle of wine or a special arrangement with a holder for a gift card. For potted plants, you could also offer a variety of pots, paints and craft supplies to help someone personalize the plant.

Use social and email: You’ve likely put a lot of thought into your Mother’s Day offerings. Give your customers and potential customers the chance to do the same by reminding them of the upcoming holiday on social channels and through email. Your email and social communications could feature beautiful photos of your products as well as any specials or discounts.

Consider including the following in a series of emails:

  • The date of the holiday
  • How someone can place an order
  • Any discounts or promotions
  • Reminders to order

Create a Mother’s Day display: Showcase your hard work by displaying your custom arrangements or product pairings in a Mother’s Day display so customers can see every Mother’s Day product you have as well as get ideas for additional gifts or pairings.

With a little planning and a few targeted offers, your shop or floral department can help remind the world that Mother's Day is just around the corner, and they don't have to procrastinate any longer.

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