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7 Places to Display Orchid Racks in Your Store

7 Places to Display Orchid Racks in Your Store

One of the biggest benefits of stocking orchids in your store is the many versatile display options. Orchid racks make it easy to display several plants in a small amount of square footage, but they also allow for a low-maintenance transition if you decide to move your display to a different area of the store. And depending on the current season and your type of store, there are several great locations to place your racks and attract new customers.

Let’s look into a few different options.

Where to Put Orchid Racks in Your Grocery Store

Floral Department: This certainly is an obvious choice, but there’s a reason orchids sell so well when surrounded by other flowers and plants—they tend to be the most visually appealing! Placing your orchid racks in the floral department also makes it less likely that your staff will forget the proper watering routine.

Pharmacy: Orchids make great “get well” gifts since their care routine is low-maintenance. Placing your racks in the pharmacy could remind someone picking up medicine for a loved one to also bring home a cheer-up present.

Card Aisle: Since orchids are more exotic than other similarly sized plants, they tend to make a more impressive gift. For last-minute gift shoppers, stocking your card aisle with a rack of orchids could inspire them to purchase a plant as the perfect complement to a card.

Wine Aisle: A bottle of wine is a standard host/hostess gift, but including an orchid makes the gesture even more special. By putting a rack of orchids in your wine department, you can inspire customers to stand out from other party-goers with a unique gift.

Where to Put Your Orchid Racks in Your Home Store

Patio/Gardening Supply Section: Even though orchids are indoor plants, they can liven up the staging design of patio furniture in the gardening section of your home improvement store. Having a rack nearby will inspire customers to bring home an orchid of their own to brighten up their own space.

Home Decorating Section: Similarly, you could display an orchid as part of an interior design staging area. Just be sure to include a well-stocked rack of plants nearby so customers can have their pick.

Paint Aisle: Picking out paint colors can be stressful for homeowners, but the selection process might be easier if they can match their wall color to a new exotic plant. Place a rack of your more unique colorful orchid varieties near the paint samples so your customers can pick and choose based on their home decor plans.

As you experiment with places to display orchid racks in your store, make sure to keep track of the numbers so you’ll know what area has the best sales performance. You may be surprised at what catches your customers' eye.

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