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Why Orchids Should Be Your Go-To Impulse Buy Product

Why Orchids Should Be Your Go-To Impulse Buy Product

When consumers visit your store, they likely have an idea of what they plan to purchase. Whether driven by a grocery list or a mental note of supplies needed for a home improvement project, they’re walking through your doors with a purpose. They may have lists, but impulse purchases still happen. How do you make sure the shelves near your cash registers are stocked with the kind of desirable, last-minute buys your customers can’t resist?

Here’s one way: Make orchids your go-to impulse buy product.

5 Reasons Why Orchids Make Great Impulse Purchases

1. They’re Beautiful

Consumers are attracted to aesthetically pleasing items, and there’s no denying orchids are beautiful. Creating an eye-catching display near the checkout line will make your customers think twice about leaving your store without an orchid in hand.

2. They’re Unique

Standard flower displays are a dime a dozen—your customers are probably so used to seeing the typical potted mums and bouquets of daisies that they hardly notice them anymore. Orchids, on the other hand, have an exotic appeal that makes them stand apart from similarly sized plants.

3. They Grow All Year

Your orchid display doesn’t have to be seasonal. Even when other spring and summer flowers lose their appeal, your customers will still have the option of taking home a beautiful and flourishing orchid. Orchids are grown year round, so customers can enjoy a flowering plant even in the dead of winter.

4. They Make Great Gifts

If a customer is searching for a last-minute gift, they won’t have to waste any time once they see your orchid display. Thanks to their unique visual appeal, orchids offer a more sophisticated gift choice.

5. They’re Low Maintenance

While the beautiful displays might draw your customers in, it’s the low-maintenance care that will clinch the sale. With the simplified watering schedule, even your customers who claim to have a black thumb will be intrigued.

While candy bars and bouquets of lilies crowd your checkout, you can rely on an eye-catching orchid display for those last-minute impulse buys that will benefit your bottom line.

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