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Hail to the New King of the Floral Department: The Orchid

Hail to the New King of the Floral Department: The Orchid

In years past, mini roses were the indisputable King of the Floral Department. But they’ve recently been dethroned by a superior seller: the orchid.

The people—and their purchases—have spoken. Orchids are rapidly becoming one of the most popular attractions in the floral department. We can’t say we were surprised to hear this news, but we do have a pretty substantial bias. So let’s look at the facts: Why are orchids a better choice for your floral department?

Orchids Make an Extra-Special Gift

It’s not uncommon to receive a bouquet of mini roses. However, when your customers give their loved ones an orchid, it makes a unique and special gift. Given their exotic appearance and rich, tropical origin, orchids aren’t your average flower—and that’s a big part of why customers are drawn to them. Orchids also tend to be priced higher than other similar-sized potted plants, qualifying them as a more “chic” gift, while still staying in a reasonable price range.

Orchids Can Have Long Life Spans

When your customers buy an orchid, they’re buying a plant with staying power. Unlike bouquets of cut flowers, orchids can bloom and rebloom for years with proper care. Though they might be a bit of an additional cost upfront, your customers will feel better about spending their money on a flower that will last.

Orchids Are Easy to Care For

You don’t have to be a world-class gardener to successfully keep an orchid. In fact, thanks to the specialized three ice cubes per week watering system, you don’t even need a watering can. Since orchids are easy to care for, customers are more likely to make a floral impulse buy—especially one they won’t have to worry about overwatering.

Orchids Appeal to a Wide Range of Budgets

Even though they might have a higher price tag than other 5- or 6-inch plants, orchids are still everyman’s flower. Our research showed customers who purchase our orchids come from nearly every income bracket. Even more surprising is how evenly spread orchid purchases are among incomes: the largest percentage of sales comes from the $35,000-$49,999 income bracket, but that still only makes up 18 percent of sales.

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