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Even More Common Reasons Your Phalaenopsis Orchid Isn’t Blooming

April 12, 2016

Caring for a resting orchid can be an exciting time. Though it isn’t displaying any vibrant blooms yet, the anticipation can be high. Any day now you could come down the stairs or turn the corner and notice a fresh new spike growing from your plant.

You followed the instructions on its care tag, watered it regularly, and kept it at the right temperature, but you are still not seeing any new flowers. If you have addressed these common reasons your orchid may still be resting and haven’t seen results, consider these other fairly common causes of extended dormancy.

Not Enough Light: Like most plants, orchids need light to survive and thrive. And though Phalaenopsis orchids don’t require direct light, they still require bright conditions. Unlike water, which can be precisely measured, determining exactly how much light your orchid needs can be a challenge.

A simple trick can help you figure out how much light an area is receiving.

If you’re placing your orchid on a side table in the living room, for example, hold your hand about a foot from the surface of the table to see if it makes a shadow. If you notice a dark or medium-shaded shadow, then you can assume the side table is in a bright or medium-lit location. But if your hand doesn’t produce a shadow, the table is probably in a low-light area.

Remember, don’t place your orchid in direct sunlight because it can damage the plant. And if you’re placing your orchid on a windowsill, choose one on a north- or east-facing window.

No Fertilizer: Though it’s not required for orchid reblooming, adding a fertilizer to your resting orchid can speed up the reblooming process. Giving your plant some fertilizer can supply it with just the extra energy it needs to begin reblooming.

Select a fertilizer that’s specifically made for orchids or use an all-purpose flower fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Dilute the fertilizer by half with water and apply it to the potting media.

Adding a few elements to the care of your resting orchid can encourage quicker reblooming, allowing you to enjoy its beauty longer.

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