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How to Fertilize Orchids

Fertilizing orchids regularly provides them with the nutrients they needs for optimal health and vigorous blooming.  Just as the leaves fall from the trees and animals begin to hibernate this time of year, your orchid...

Ask the Grower: Can I Use Tea as Fertilizer for my Phalaenopsis Orchid?

Phalaenopsis orchid care is quite simple, but by adding an extra step—fertilization—your orchid can get an extra boost of nutrients it needs to provide you with beautiful blooms for years.

Take the Guesswork Out of Finding Your Ideal Potting Media

Potting medium does more than simply root an orchid in place. It allows roots to breathe and provides proper air circulation and optimum moisture and nutrient levels. The right medium also gives your plant the proper...

A Quick Fertilizing Guide to Maintain your Orchid’s Health

Orchids don’t absorb nutrients through soil like many other houseplants. In their natural habitat, orchids live on trees and trap animal and plant matter and soil particles blown through the wind and absorb these...

How to Display Your Phalaenopsis Orchid in a Terrarium

We found some wonderful step-by-step instructions on how to display your phalaenopsis orchid plant in a terrarium. There are orchid photos for each step of the way, too!  But here are the basics.

The Orchid Ladies

The Orchid Ladies are led by Peggy Herrman whose articles on growing orchids in your home have been published in Georgia Gardening Magazine.