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Insects That Can Be Attacking Your Orchids, Part 1 of 2

It may be hard to imagine, but even with the most diligent care of your most favorite Phalaenopsis orchids, unwanted insect invaders can easily appear at any moment in time.  Although typical household plant pests can...

How to Identify Orchid Viruses

If your orchid comes down with a bacterial or fungal disease or is attacked by pests, there’s a reasonable chance that you can treat the problem and nurse your orchid back to health. Viral infections are trickier. Just...

Orchid MD: More Orchid Rescue Tips

If your Phalaenopsis orchid starts to look “sick,” always start with the basics – water, light, location, humidity and temperature – before taking more drastic action. While Phalaenopsis hybrids are amazingly hardy...

How Can You Tell Your Orchid Needs to Be Repotted?

As a rule of thumb, Phalaenopsis orchids must be repotted every year or two. You can tell it is time to repot your orchid when:  The orchid has outgrown its pot and new growth and roots are spilling over the edge of...

Orchid Pests: Spider Mites and How to Remove Them

Some people have a fear of spiders; if your orchid plants could speak, they might express a fear of spider mites. 

Orchid Pests: Whiteflies and How to Get Rid of Them

If you see dotting of white on the underside of your orchid’s leaves, you’ve got trouble in the form of a whitefly infestation.

Watch Out for Aphids on Your Orchids

Though they have a reputation for hardiness, phalaenopsis orchids are not immune to damage from insect life. Aphids, in particular, are tenacious “sucking” orchid pests that attach themselves to the underside of the...

Orchid Pests: Thrips Can Spell Trouble

Imagine: One day you notice your orchids looking discolored or deformed. A closer inspection reveals a disturbing surprise: thrips have taken up residence.