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Watering Orchids: Are My Orchids Getting Enough Water?

Much of the conversation around watering orchids is devoting to making sure your plants don’t get too much water. However, not getting enough water can also be dangerous to orchid health. Often, in an effort to ensure...

How Do I Know If I’m Overwatering My Orchid?

Making sure your orchid gets the right amount of water means walking the fine line between enough and too much. Falling on either side of that line can cause significant health damage for your orchid.  Luckily, your...

3 Factors That Affect Orchid Drainage

Potted orchids are quite deceptive. These lush, colorful and elegant plants may look like the typical houseplant, but they’re far from ordinary. In the wild, Phalaenopsis orchids grow on trees, not in the ground. They...

Your Orchid’s Roots Have Something to Say... Listen Up!

Orchids are a lot like us. They get hungry and thirsty and if their needs aren’t met, they’ll let us know. Since they can’t exactly talk to us, one way they get their needs across is through the condition of their roots.

Helping Your Orchids Grow Healthy Roots

The health of your Phalaenopsis orchid is very much dependent on the health of its root system. An orchid with healthy roots will grow well and produce beautiful flowers, while one that has bad roots will not survive...

What You Need to Know about Orchid Roots

Orchid roots perform two functions that are critical for the successful growth of the plant: 

Tips for Preparing to Repot Orchids

The techniques used to repot Phalaenopsis orchids are significantly different from those used to repot other house plants; a fact that surprises most orchid owners the first time they repot their orchid. Some of the...

How to Tell When It’s Time to Repot Your Phalaenopsis Orchid

It can be tricky to tell when it’s time to repot your Phalaenopsis orchid. So beware!