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Ingenious Ways to Bundle Orchids for All Gifting Occasions

Ingenious Ways to Bundle Orchids for All Gifting Occasions

You’re probably well aware of the best cross-selling strategies for your customers—placing chips near the dip, offering a sale on conditioner when a full-priced bottle of shampoo is purchased—but did you know that orchids are also great for bundling? By selling orchids with other similar and popular items, you can encourage customers to spend more money and increase your revenue.

Check out our six best ideas for orchid cross-selling to get inspired.

1. The “Get Well” Package

Orchids can brighten up the bedside of any patient, but the plant will be even more appreciated if given in addition to a nice card, balloon or stuffed animal. By advertising your orchids as the perfect addition to any get well gesture, you can inspire well-wishers to think outside the box.

2. The “You Deserve It” Package

Orchids make great gifts for others, but they also offer the perfect opportunity for customers to treat themselves. Try bundling plants with single servings of baked goods, luxurious bath products or a nice-smelling candle.

3. The “Hostess with the Mostest” Package

Bringing an orchid as a housewarming gift or hostess present is great alone, but is even better when paired with a nice bottle of wine. Encourage your customers to walk out of the store with both by suggesting the perfect pairing—a deep merlot with a purple orchid or a summery pinot with white flowers.

4. The “Special Occasion” Package

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or another holiday, there will always be those last-minute shoppers searching for the perfect gift. Capitalize on their procrastination by displaying your orchid racks with seasonal cards and other gifts, like boxes of chocolates.

5. The “Novice Gardener” Package

One of the main reasons orchids are so popular is their easy-care routine. Bundle a beginner’s gardening kit—gloves, a spade, seed packets—with an orchid as a starter plant.

6. The “Just Thinking of You” Package

Even if your customers aren’t in the market to buy a gift for a loved one, they might be inspired to commit a random act of kindness when they see orchids bundled alongside a sweet treat, card or gift certificate as the perfect “just thinking of you” gift.

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