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How to Make an Orchid Corsage

Elegant and showy, Phalaenopsis orchids make lovely corsages. These large, curvaceous orchids are a top corsage choice for weddings, proms and other special occasions. Phalaenopsis orchid corsages are easy to make. You...

Tips for Welcoming a New Orchid Plant into Your Home

When you bring a new Phalaenopsis orchid plant into your home, you’ll want to give it a little tender loving care to help it adjust to its new home. If you already have a collection of orchids, you’ll want to keep your...

Temperature Change Triggers Orchid Reblooming

As we have been discussing, quite a few things can affect the reblooming of your Just Add Ice Orchid. With proper care, your beautiful Phalaenopsis orchid will continue to bloom year-after-year; but triggering...

Light and Water to Care for Orchids

As discussed in the previous post, orchids need a balance of light, air, water and food to grow and flower well. These additional orchid tips, also from the article Orchids 101, can help keep your orchid in bloom for...

National Magazine Shows Converted Skeptic - Ice for Orchids? Yes.

Just Add Ice Orchids was featured in a blog by the Editor of the CEO & Entrepreneur™ Magazine blog this week. We especially love the title Ice On Orchids? Yes. One Converted Skeptic.

Basic Care of Phalaenopsis Orchids

Here at Just Add Ice, we specialize in one type of orchid: the Phalaenopsis. But that doesn't mean that your choices are limited, since there are about 60 stunning varieties!

Top 10 Orchid Terms You Should Know

As an orchid grower, it is helpful to carry knowledge about orchids so here are a few tips on terms to make you sound orchid savvy.