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Orchid Care: How to Care for My Mini Orchid

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 11/18/14 8:30 AM

mini-orchid-careIt is often assumed that, due to their delicate and exotic appearance, Phalaenopsis orchids are difficult to keep healthy and beautiful. This assumption is especially prevalent when it comes to mini orchids. Since the smaller version of the full-sized Phals appear even more delicate, it causes some consumers to pass up purchasing them. 

However, just like their full-sized counterparts, mini orchids are hardy plants that require minimal care to thrive. Their smaller stature allows them to be a more versatile decorating option, and their miniature blossoms make a charming addition to centerpieces and displays.  

In many ways, the care for mini orchids and full sized orchids is very similar, but there are some key differences worth noting.


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3 Ideas to Keep Your Resting Orchid Beautiful

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 11/11/14 8:30 AM

resting-orchid-beautifulThere’s no denying an orchid in full bloom is a beautiful addition to your home décor. It’s no wonder most orchid owners search for a prominent place to display their plants in their homes!

However, once orchids lose their blooms and enter their resting phase, they become less aesthetically pleasing. While bloom loss is a normal part of a healthy orchid life cycle, many orchid owners choose to throw their plant away rather than care for it through the next blooming cycle. Even if they keep their orchid, they might be more inclined to move it to a less visible area of their home. 


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What to Do When Orchid Blooms Wilt and Fall

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 11/5/14 10:29 AM

orchid-blooms-wiltFor first time orchid owners, the end of the initial blooming cycle can be confusing and disappointing. Despite following the simple watering schedule and making sure your plant received plenty of indirect light, your orchid blooms wilted and fell off. Assuming your orchid is dead, you label yourself with a black thumb and throw what’s left of your plant in the dumpster.


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Why Fall is the Best Season to Trigger Orchid Reblooming

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 10/28/14 7:30 AM

fall-trigger-rebloomingAt Just Add Ice® Orchids, we don’t like to play favorites. But when it comes to seasons, we just can’t help ourselves! Spring is a favorite season of ours because orchids in nature will typically bloom in early spring. The season also presents a number of opportunities to showcase our favorite flower, from incorporating orchids into a wedding to decorating with orchids throughout your home.

Fall is another favorite. Sure, much of our love for fall stems from enjoying pumpkin-flavored treats. But we also favor fall because it is the optimal season to trigger orchid reblooming!


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Trimming Orchid Spikes: A How-To Guide

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 10/21/14 7:30 AM

trim-orchid-spikeIf your orchid bloomed through the spring and summer, fall marks that time you’ll likely see your orchid enter a period of rest. The blooms will wilt and fall off, but don’t worry—your orchid is not dead! Rather, it is saving up energy to rebloom next season.  

Even though bloom loss isn’t cause for concern, it does signal it’s time to help your orchid through its months of hibernation. One of the main ways you can assist in the reblooming process is by trimming your orchid spikes. The decreasing temperatures of the fall season make it the ideal time to encourage reblooming in future months. 

For a first time orchid owner, trimming spikes can be a stressful task. However, with the right information, it can easily become part of your orchid care routine. Just follow these four steps!


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5 Ideas to Decorate With Orchids This Fall

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 10/14/14 7:30 AM

fall-decorate-with-orchidsWhen planning how to decorate your home for the fall season, your orchids probably aren’t the first décor item that comes to mind. Though they may not be typically incorporated into fall decorations, the right orchid arrangement can add unique fall flair to your home.  

Here are our five best orchid decorating ideas for fall. 


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Will the Changing Seasons Affect Orchid Health?

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 10/7/14 7:30 AM

orchid-changing-seasonsThe arrival of fall always seems to come with an element of excitement. Leaves begin to change, evenings get cozier and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of thick sweaters and pumpkin-flavored baked goods. However, before you jump headfirst into planning your Halloween costume, it’s important to consider your orchid’s changing needs. 

To help make sure your orchids make it through the changing seasons, we’ve compiled a short checklist for upcoming cooler weather. 


Topics: Orchid Care, Orchid Health

Watering Orchids: Are My Orchids Getting Enough Water?

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 9/23/14 7:30 AM

dry-orchid-rootsMuch of the conversation around watering orchids is devoting to making sure your plants don’t get too much water. However, not getting enough water can also be dangerous to orchid health. Often, in an effort to ensure they aren’t overwatering, orchid owners end up depriving their plants of much needed hydration. 


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How Do I Know If I’m Overwatering My Orchid?

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 9/16/14 7:30 AM

overwatering-orchidsMaking sure your orchid gets the right amount of water means walking the fine line between enough and too much. Falling on either side of that line can cause significant health damage for your orchid. 

Luckily, your orchid can tell you everything you need to know about when it needs water, when it’s had enough or—most importantly—when it’s had too much. The answers are all in the roots.


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The Top 5 Orchid Fertilizing Questions Answered

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 9/9/14 7:30 AM

fertilizing-orchidsAs beautiful as orchids are in the home, your desk or coffee table do not offer the same hospitable environment as a rainforest or greenhouse. To compensate for nutrients orchids would normally receive in their natural habitat, we recommend occasional fertilization. However, the concept of orchid fertilizing often leads to more questions than answers.

To help clear up some of the confusion, we’ve collected and answered five of the most commonly asked questions.


Topics: Orchid Fertilizing, Fertilizing Orchids

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