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I Got an Orchid for Easter! Now What?

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 4/21/15 9:00 AM

orchid_easterWelcome to orchid ownership! Whether you received your new plant as a gift for hosting Easter brunch or as part of a festive Easter basket, you’re probably asking yourself the same question: Now what?

First of all, don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a “plant person.” Phalaenopsis orchids are relatively low maintenance plants and you’ll find you can easily adapt to a simple care routine. Here are four things to keep in mind.


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Orchidelirium: A Look at Orchid Obsession

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 4/14/15 9:00 AM

orchidobsession-1You love your orchids. But are you obsessed with them?

Smithsonian.com recently published an article about orchidelirium, or the obsession with orchids. Dating back to the 1800s, possessing an orchid was considered a sign of extreme wealth. Collecting the rare flowers could even cause a reaction in line with hysteria.

Special orchid hunters were employed to hunt down rare varieties in the wild and transport them to collectors (using Wardian cases, or early versions of terrariums!) for high price points.


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Top 4 ‘Uncommon’ Orchid Care Questions Answered

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 4/7/15 9:00 AM

orchidcarequestionanswer-1Caring for orchids can raise a lot of questions. We have heard a lot of the common questions, but what about the not so common?

The American Orchid Society (AOS) has compiled a list of 10 uncommon questions people ask when caring for their orchids. Read on for the top four most uncommon orchid questions. Maybe you’ll learn something new!


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How to Disinfect Your Orchid Supplies and Pots

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 3/31/15 9:00 AM

disinfectorchidpotsDisinfecting isn’t just for keeping humans healthy. Orchids need it, too. Properly disinfecting cutting tools, pots and your hands helps prevent the spread of disease when you’re trimming your blooms or repotting.

Follow these sterilization tips to help keep your Phalaenopsis orchid healthy.


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Orchid Care Between the Seasons: What You Need to Know

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 3/24/15 9:00 AM

orchidcare-1March is one of those months where the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Depending on where you live, winter isn’t necessarily over and spring hasn’t quite yet sprung. It’s not uncommon to have a sunny day of warm temperatures followed by a morning where you need your heavy coat. Uncertain weather and fluctuating temperatures can be hard on the health of your orchid. Here’s what you need to know to get through the time “between” seasons.


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5 Ways to Make Orchids Part of Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 3/17/15 9:00 AM

orchidholidaySt. Patrick’s Day isn’t a holiday that typically inspires much decorating or gift giving. While you might see a festive wreath or some decorative shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t tend to get as much attention as other casual holidays, like Valentine’s Day or the Fourth of July. However, with spring on the horizon, we think this underappreciated March holiday offers the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to winter by getting in the spirit. And what better way to celebrate than with orchids?

Here are five ways you can make an orchid part of a festive St. Patrick’s Day celebration.


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Orchids Make the Perfect Gift for These Overlooked March Holidays

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 3/12/15 1:00 PM

orchidgiftWhen it comes to gifting orchids during the month of March, there are many holiday options than just St. Patrick’s Day.

Celebrate the arrival of spring by giving an orchid to friend or family member. After all, March is a time when warmer temperatures (allegedly) begin to arrive.

In addition to spring and St. Patrick’s Day, here are some often overlooked March holidays you could celebrate with orchids.


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A Visual Guide to Common Phalaenopsis Orchid Afflictions

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 3/10/15 9:00 AM

Orchid-_Kiwi_GreenWhether you’re a novice or a seasoned gardener, caring for your orchid can raise many questions. Am I over watering? How should its leaves look? How do I know what a healthy plant looks like?

To help you answer these questions, we’ve compiled a visual guide of some of the most common phalaenopsis orchid afflictions and treatments, so you’ll be able to best care for your blooms.

Here is a list of the top five phalaenopsis orchid afflictions and what you can do about them.


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Top Orchid Repotting Tips

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 3/3/15 9:00 AM

orchid_repotting-1Repotting your Just Add Ice orchid is essential for maintaining the health of the plant. For novice orchid growers, the repotting process can seem intimidating and leave you with many questions. To help you take the best care of your blooms, we’ve compiled this handy list of top repotting tips.

Read on to learn more about when you should repot, what containers to use, step-by-step instructions and more.


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Can My Orchid and My Pet Coexist?

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 2/24/15 9:00 AM

orchid_petYour furry friends are like family. You would never want to bring something into your home that could potentially pose a danger to your pet. Likewise, you also probably don’t want to invest in a plant your pet has the potential to harm. Luckily, there are a variety of quick and easy solutions to creating a harmonious home environment for both your pets and your orchid.

Here are our five best tips for helping your orchids and pets coexist in peace.


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