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5 Orchid Winter Care Tips

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 11/29/16 8:30 AM

Holiday-Care-Kit-Orchid.jpegYou already know orchids love the warm humid temperatures of the summer months, but just because winter has arrived doesn’t mean your orchid can’t be happy. Here are five simple orchid winter care tips to keep your orchid happy, healthy and beautiful during the colder months.


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Decorating with Anthurium: 5 Photos to Inspire You

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 11/22/16 8:30 AM

Anthurium.pngThe striking blossoms and year-round blooming potential of anthurium makes them the perfect accent for your interior designs or special event. But if you’re feeling stuck on how to display their unique beauty, we’re here to help. These five photos of decorating with anthurium will inspire you.


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7 Thanksgiving Arrangement Ideas

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 11/15/16 8:30 AM

fall-decorate-with-orchids.jpgEven though the food tends to be the star of the show at your Thanksgiving feast, that doesn’t mean you can’t still wow your guest with a festive centerpiece or flower arrangement. The beautiful autumn colors create tons of possibilities, but here are seven Thanksgiving arrangement ideas to help you get inspired.


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Myths About Houseplants: Debunked

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 11/8/16 8:30 AM

Myths.jpgOver the years, we’ve heard a lot of myths about houseplants that, quite simply, just aren’t true. Regardless of how these myths become perpetuated over time, we’re here today to finally set the record straight. Here are six myths about houseplants—finally debunked.


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8 Interesting Facts About Bromeliads

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 11/1/16 8:30 AM

8IntFacts.jpgIf you aren’t familiar with bromeliads, you’re in for a real treat. These inexpensive and easy-to-grow plants are actually quite fascinating. To see what we mean, check out this list of eight interesting facts about bromeliads.


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Home Decor Trends and Tips from Interior Designer Amanda Gates

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 10/25/16 9:00 AM

HomeDecTrends.jpgA professionally trained, award-winning interior designer, Feng Shui practitioner and award-winning blogger, Amanda Gates is a leader in the world of intentional design—creating harmonious, healing environments through design.

Her designs have been featured in People magazine, Nashville Home & Garden, At Home Tennessee, Fox News Magazine and more. Based in Franklin, Tennessee, she works with clients locally and nationally.

We sat down with her to find out what makes a great space, design trends we can expect in the new year and more.


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These 6 Phalaenopsis Orchid Photos Will Amaze You

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 10/18/16 8:30 AM

vibrant-phalaneopsis-orchid.jpgNeed some home decor or event inspiration? Take a look at these breathtaking Phalaenopsis orchid photos.


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6 Beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement Ideas

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 10/11/16 8:30 AM

image09.jpgYour Phalaenopsis orchid may come in a pot, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay there. In fact, creating a unique orchid arrangement is one of the best ways to transform your plant from a mere decoration into a statement piece.

Here are six beautiful phalaenopsis orchid arrangement ideas to provide a little inspiration.


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6 Ways to Decorate With Anthuriums

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 10/4/16 8:30 AM

image11.jpgWhat if you could enjoy a plant in your home that was beautiful, easy to care for and would flower almost year-round? Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, don’t worry; this isn’t just a tease. Anthuriums really are all of those things—and they may be just what your home décor was missing. To prove it, here are six ways to decorate with anthuriums.


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5 Interesting Facts About Color and Mood

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 9/27/16 8:30 AM

image08.jpgWe’re surrounded by color every day—from the natural colors of the world around us, to the colors we choose to incorporate in our home and personal style. You probably come across hundreds and hundreds of color variations each day, but the colors you spend the most time around may be having a greater impact on your mood than you realize.

That’s why it’s important to choose the colors in your home intentionally. So before you paint a big accent wall or commit to a specific couch color, consider these five interesting facts about color and mood.


Topics: Orchid Facts, orchid color

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