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Using Mini Orchids as Memorial Gifts

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 8/23/16 8:30 AM

orchids-as-memorial-giftsWhen someone dies, our first instinct is to send memorial flowers to the family or provide an arrangement for the service. While this tradition is certainly still appreciated, there is a way you can make sure your gift is remembered by the family of the deceased long after the service.


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Phalaenopsis Orchid Pests: How to Get Rid of Scale

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 8/16/16 8:30 AM

get-rid-of-scaleIt’s an unfortunate fact of orchid ownership: Pests happen. However, a pest infestation doesn’t have to spell disaster for your orchid; with the right awareness and treatment, pests can be quickly dealt with and your orchid can go on to live a long life.


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Answers to 5 Frequently Asked Phalaenopsis Orchid Care Questions

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 8/9/16 8:30 AM

phalaenopsis-orchid-care-questionsJust like humans, every Phalaenopsis orchid is different. Though they may not have the personality differences of humans, orchids can present you with a variety of growth and care situations.

You might find that one orchid was simple to care for, while another was susceptible to pests. Or you might be wondering why a certain care routine worked well for an orchid, while the same routine resulted in the decline of another orchid.


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How to Trigger Reblooming of Your Orchid

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 8/4/16 8:00 AM

When your orchid stops blooming and enters dormancy, don't worry, it is not dead. You can encourage your orchid to bloom again with just a little TLC. Phalaenopsis orchids rebloom on old spikes with a new stalk emerging from a triangular node along the stalk. To trigger reblooming, your orchid will need a little more attention than what you usually give it. The thrill when your orchid blooms for a second time, however, makes the small investment in time and effort required to trigger orchid reblooming well worth the effort.


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Ways to Reuse Orchid Pots or Planters

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 8/2/16 8:30 AM

reuse-orchid-pots-or-plantersYou’ve repotted your orchid and you’re left with an empty ceramic pot.

These pots can be used for much more than housing beautiful plants. So bring those empty containers in from the trash pile or porch and use these ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


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Orchid Care Tips: Ice Cube Watering Specifics

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 7/28/16 8:00 AM

We aim to make watering your beautiful Phalaenopsis orchid simple by helping you remember to Just Add Ice once a week. And we even recommend how much -- 3 ice cubes per week. But as with jcaring for orchids with iceust about anything, it sounds simple until you get down to actually doing it, and then the questions come up. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize how easy it is. Here are some specifics for successful ice cube watering.


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How to Incorporate Bright Colors Into Your Summer Party

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 7/26/16 8:30 AM

Incorporate-Bright-Colors-Into-your-Summer-PartyBlock parties. Graduation parties. Cookouts. A random Saturday. There are dozens of reasons to throw a summer party and nothing makes it feel more festive than bright colors. But don’t worry if you’re stuck on how to decorate—we’ve got 8 tips to help you incorporate bright colors into your summer party.


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How Do I Care for a Resting Orchid?

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 7/21/16 8:00 AM

care-for-dormant-orchidWhen an orchid is finished blooming, its blooms will wilt and fall off before it enters into a resting period. Resting is a normal part of the Phalaenopsis orchid lifecycle in which your plant is storing up energy to rebloom. Continue to care for your plant during this period, and you’ll likely be rewarded with more vibrant, healthy blooms.

Here’s how to care for a resting orchid:


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8 Festive Summer Decorating Ideas

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 7/18/16 11:38 AM

summer-decorating-ideasSure, you’ve heard of “spring cleaning,” but what about “summer redecorating”? With longer days, extra sunshine and bright blooming happening all around you, it only makes sense to give your home a breezy and carefree makeover to match. Whether you’re upgrading an indoor or outdoor space, here are eight festive summer decorating ideas to get you started.


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4 Orchid Care Tips for Summer

Posted by Just Add Ice Orchids 7/5/16 8:30 AM

summer-orchid-care-2.jpgCaring for your orchid during the warmer months can be a breeze. Take a look at how easy it can be below with four orchid care tips.


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