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Watering Orchids With Ice Cubes: 3 Big Myths Busted By Research

You're excited to take home your brand new Phalaenopsis orchid from Just Add Ice®, and you want to learn more about orchid care. So naturally, you turn to Google. Then, after browsing the search results, you start to...

Come See Just Add Ice’s New Flower Shop in a Box'

Just Add Ice® Orchids and our new Flower Shop in a Box™ recently exhibited at the Dallas Total Home and Gift Market. The Dallas Total Home and Gift Market is the premier destination for trending products with more than...

Orchid Shows Bring Photographers Out in Force

Gaily-colored orchids are on display at botanical gardens and other venues across the country—the perfect antidote for dreary winter days. This is the time of year when many orchid societies hold their annual shows,...

What Makes Orchid Growing Such a Fascinating Hobby?

More than 30,000 different species of orchids have been discovered on Earth from which more than 200,000 hybrids have been created. It is this exotic plant’s unusual ability to produce hybrids between species and...

Orchids and Pets Can Cohabitate

Owning cats, who like to eat houseplants, inspired Taylor Miller at the Herb Companion blog to share some tips for having both cats and orchids in the same environment:

How to ‘Dress’ Your Just Add Ice Orchid Until It Blooms

The most popular orchid variety, Phalaenopsis orchids grow well in bright indirect sunlight at normal room temperatures. Just Add Ice Orchids get their name from their easy watering regimen: just add three ice cubes...

National Magazine Shows Converted Skeptic - Ice for Orchids? Yes.

Just Add Ice Orchids was featured in a blog by the Editor of the CEO & Entrepreneur™ Magazine blog this week. We especially love the title Ice On Orchids? Yes. One Converted Skeptic.

Basic Care of Phalaenopsis Orchids

Here at Just Add Ice, we specialize in one type of orchid: the Phalaenopsis. But that doesn't mean that your choices are limited, since there are about 60 stunning varieties!