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Orchid Care for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

Ok, bloomers! So, you just brought home your first orchid and, like any new parent, you’re both excited and scared about caring for this new little life.

So it’s Time to Repot your Phalaenopsis Orchid, Now What? Part 1

There comes a time in every orchid’s life that it needs a new home. In a recent post, we discussed a few reasons moth orchids need to be repotted once every one to two years. Here’s a quick refresher: the media in which...

Use Phalaenopsis Judging Criteria to Pick a Winning Plant

The stunning sight of a Phalaenopsis orchid in full bloom is nothing less than breathtaking. Their huge, curving petals saturated with color; double rows of gorgeous blooms march along gracefully arching stalks that...

How Did 'Moth' Orchids Get Their Name?

Phalaenopsis amabilis orchids were first described as a species in 1753 by Swedish botanist and zoologist Carl Linnaeus, the “Father of Modern Taxonomy.” Referencing their native tree-dwelling habitat and pleasing...

Spectacular Shape Gave ‘Moth’ Orchids Their Common Name

Orchids and many other flowers are often given common names that reflect their shape, color, scent, habitat or behavior. While the Latin names that scientists and botanists use provide a more precise identification of...

Orchid Dreams Do Come True

The $2.1 million orchid conservatory at Old Dominion University was the lifelong goal of the late Arthur Kaplan, a physician and avid orchid collector who also raised money for the facility in Norfolk, Virginia.

Orchids Make Winter More Bearable

"Orchids make winter more bearable," says Julie MacKenzie, who belongs to the Bucks County Orchid Society in Pennsylvania. Garden writer Virginia A. Smith wrote in an article for that six years ago, Julie...

Premier Lifestyle Magazine: Orchids help make your room bloom

Now that the lights and bulbs are coming down, some of your rooms may feel bare. Here is an affordable way to turn up the color volume for your décor throughout the home.